Struggling to find time

It's been really tough since my run on Sunday to find time to fit in a run....very long days in the office (prob 13-14 hours door to door) & still knackered from the weekend. Should have gone out this morning, then I said tonight but got home around 7.30 and weather horrible so haven't. Tomorrow won't be much better on the work front :(

As next week will be bad too (away Tues - Thur) have decided to wait until Saturday and can then do one on Monday. Any one else feel bad when they don't get the runs in??? First time for me Hope it doesn't impact my fitness too much!!

Whinge over!!! :)


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  • Hmmm - I was just thinking the same!!

    Back at work this week - I work in an independent (read:high-pressure) secondary school, and although I'm not required to work stupid hours, we have exams starting this week and it's mayhem! I stayed at work too long tonight and was willing to go out in the weather but realised how long dinner would be if I did have a run. So I put my family first and we've just eaten but I feel a bit cr*p!! Haven't run since Sunday (when I triumphed with 6k) and feeling very out of breath climbing stairs at school - and wondering whether I'll have any fitness left when I DO next run!! I'm sure it will come right but as I'm mainly doing this to RELIEVE stress this seems a bit topsy-turvy......

    Hrrrrgggghhhhhh - my whinge over too :-)

  • Funny about the stairs - I was out of breath climbing the stairs to work this morning. It seemed very Wrong, after running 28 minutes yesterday morning !

  • Every day i walk up 3 escalators at London Bridge station and thought by now after running for 4 months it would be slightly easier. It's not and I'm still the one that needs oxygen by the time i've also legged it up to the platform for the train.

  • One of my reasons for starting C25K was I was so out of breath and achy after walking up 3 flights of stairs at a place near home which made me want to get fit. So.....3 months after running 3 times a week since then I attempted the same stairs last week....still out of breath and achy!!

  • think it must be different muscle groups etc...I am the same

  • I also work stupid hours esp at the moment when I'm juggling a number of year ends. I knew that this would be an issue for me from the start so I resolved to get up earlier and usually run 5.30 - 6.30 ish. The added benefit is the warm and fluffy feeling of smugness you get when other people complain about being tired and you get to say "Yeah, me too, that 3/4/5k (etc delete as applicable) this morning was a killer but the beautiful sunrise made up for it" but then I am a deeply evil and twisted person :)

  • Like so much :-) :-) :-)

  • ;) lol

  • Like this too! I am normally fine getting up early but this week have really struggled and know it wont' happen tomorrow :(

  • Oh yes, love the Evil and Twisted ;-)

  • I'm right there with you (though not with the distance). I feel very proud of myself for getting up earlier and making the effort at the beginning of the day (the beautiful sunrises help me through the days of rain and hail). And the early mornings mean I have more of the day to sit and polish my halo of smugness :)

  • Yup, as you know felt very guilty last week. guess the difference is while the routine of the programme was in full swing we were all super determined to make our schedules work around the need to run, now running has to work around our schedules it's a subtle change

    What makes me smile though is that we are actually grumpy that other commitments, weather, long work hours get in the way of running lol now that is an interesting side affect !! 11 weeks ago running wasn't even in my life :)

  • Its like being in a cult! Mustrunmustrunmustrun..........

    I do worry about the discipline of sticking to 3 runs post week 9. My current plan is to join the local ladies running club (unless they are a bunch of scary-marys of course) so that I have a not getouttable reason for leaving the office.

    You are probably nowhere near me but there might be something similar in your area or you could start your own as this one was started by a lady runner on her own.

  • looks like a good club. i've just emailed my local running club to find out about joining

  • So right Bxster...have to remember even if get 2 runs in 7 days (sunday & the following saturday) its way more than what i was doing 4 months ago.

  • Yes I do stupid hours too, particularly at certain time of the year and indeed got up at 5.30 (and pretty much broke into the local park) to go running today... But I do sometimes ask myself "Why can I not put myself (and my fitness) first a little more?" That's been working well for me over the last year and I can say that I have more energy to devote to my work and life in general. Perhaps worth thinking about?

  • I have a constant battle re putting myself first and getting the work life balance right. It has mainly gone right this year and I have managed to find time to run 3 times a week so I guess it's not the end of the world that I've struggled this week. What makes it worse is I know next week will be similar!

    Think just like a bad run I have to accept on occassions there will be bad weeks when fitting everything into life becomes just a little too difficult :)

  • Aww I feel your pain AliB1, this programme has really indoctrinated me and I feel really antsy when I can't run on a scheduled day whether it be down to weather, work or life happening. I very much doubt your fitness will suffer if your routine is upset for a week or two so don;t worry and get out when you can at the weekend or whenever your free time is x

  • I just take it out on my staff ;)

  • LOL I wish I had staff to take it out on!!!

  • That is really tough, dont be too hard on yourself! I know I havent got such a heavy work schedule (decided not to go back full time after my Dad who I was caring for and working part time) died, and I am so glad I did. Skint but happy! Even with my less hectic work demands I found I was losing a bit of motivation a few weeks after graduating UNTIL I signed up for a 10k in mid June - eek!

    Just a thought - any chance of fitting in a lunchtime run or am I being silly now?

  • This week it wouldn't work as back to back meetings...over lunch time too! :(

  • with you all the way on this one, this is my week 9 and I have been over-run at work and no time for running at all, last run Sunday wk8 r3 so should have been out tonight and I am now behind schedule for graduating.

    Determined to finish even if a couple of days late in the end, angry at the way everyone seems to take advantage of me at work. I really like the 9 week window, long enough to make a difference and not long enough to get bored so at the end of week 9 I am going to create myself another 9 weeks health/fitness program to go faster/further (based on 3 runs a week) and see how I get on. Will blog what it is when I get to graduation

  • bizzyb that's why I made myself a 6 week programme :), just finished week 1

    Ali, work does get in the way and sometimes other things as well - the worst thing to do would be to stop all together for a couple of weeks and loose your momentum - you probably wouldn't loose any fitness, but knowing in you head that your last run was 4 days ago compared to 10 makes a difference sometimes.

    Maybe there's something less strenuous you could do at home (yoga dvd) to help you unwind and won't leave you too exhausted?

  • Hey AliB.. this is exactly what i love about this blog.. the complete honesty..and its nice to read that youre not the only one struggling to fit in runs after graduating.. i too am struggling to fit in runs with work/kids/life in general.. its a week now since i have run, and really need to get 1 in today before my legs sieze up.. have so much to do today and i just dont know if i will.. weather really putting me off today as have an hour window at 12, but its raining windy and so cold outside..

  • I've not managed a run since Sunday either, mainly due to the awful weather. Today I was moaning at work that I feel bad and sluggish that I've not run since Sunday. It really does make me smile to myself, 5 months ago I would never have thought I would be getting upset because I'd missed running. If it doesn't throw it down later I plan to complete run 1 of week 1 bridge to 10k. Fingers crossed :-)

  • Work/life balance now becomes:-

    work/life/run balance :)

  • absolutely!!!

    Today another crap day in the office..long hours etc...but am counting my blessings as have come away and still have a job. Sad to say a lot of people weren't so lucky

    As I went out for one vino (and only just home) think realistically will be Saturdy that I go out again and then I can get another one in before my work trip Tues - Thur :)

  • Thank God for the weekends!

    It might work if you do an easy 20-30 minute Saturday with lots of stretches and then a slightly longer one, or intervals on Sunday? I know it's best to have a day of rest in between but it's not always possible and in 4 runs-a-week plans they always put two runs together; as long as they are not two hard runs.

    Anyway. just a thought :)

    Really glad you've still got your job :) :)

  • Thanks

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