Wk 5 R2 done!

Well not only was I more than a little bit surprised to manage 8 minutes of continual running, but totally gobsmacked when Laura told me to do it again. I actaually shouted WHAT? out loud. ( Am I the only one who answers Laura when she talks to me......." go for it" "ok" "you're doing fine" "thanks" ) anyway I did as I was told ...and managed two 8 min runs. Hurray. Bring on run 3!

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  • Well done you! and good luck with run 3.

  • Well done. Good luck with run 3. it'll be great to get there.

    I'm week 5 too. So many times I've thought "how am I going to do THAT?" But I have learnt not to second-guess. Just get on with it.

    And no you're not the only one who answers her when she talks to us. albeit under my breath or with a small nod. I think the familiarity factor helps. When I run with a friend it's always so much easier, although she's on a different plan and at least a week ahead.

    Best of luck with the journey.

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