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Week 2 Started and Completed

I did end up missing my run on Friday last as planned due to those other factors that I was worried about regarding transport and time. I did however get up Saturday morning and did w2 r1 on a treadmill. I did find it strange as I felt I really couldn't tell how well I did. Anyhow I came back late Sunday evening so there wasn't time to complete one then. (I was also knackered from a late night on Sat - Charity quiz and disco evening)

Monday however was completely different as i was upset from a misunderstanding from early afternoon and by the time I got home it started to rain :( so I missed another day. I managed to pick myself and do my second run of the week on Tuesday evening and then my third run tonight. :) I have decided to deviate from my set of 4 runs to a week so I can get back on track with my weeks, I think this also means just aiming to completed 3 runs for week 3.

I am feeling really quite nervous of starting week 3 as I feel like I'm not exerting myself very much and going quite slowly. :S I guess I'll it it a try on Sat morning and see what I think. I think one of reason's I am nervous is because if I want to get back on track its means on doing the 3 runs in this week also and I believe this is where it really starts to pick up.

Either way I'm posting late and feeling tried but wanted to update you guys. Also just a quick question is there anybody from Peterborough on here as there's a chance I could be moving in a couple of months and just want to find out about the place a little.

Right signing off now, will update soon. thanks for reading people

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Hmmm... the thing about life is that it gets in the way! It's great to plan your runs into your week - it gives you a focus and a sense of purpose. However, there are times, as you've already found, when it just doesn't happen like that. So see how it goes with the three runs a week. Take it slow and steady - better to do this than to push yourself too hard and find you can't complete a run. You'll be fine, I'm sure! Enjoy your running, good luck for week 3, and post again to let us know how you're getting on :)


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