today me and my lad did stamina for the second time. I wasn't feeling great after a really intense day at work, and my knee hurt :(

Anyway we set off and the first big hill was OK but I felt jaded. The second big hill was sooo hard. I was running but something in my chest was feeling so heavy ( not cardiac....I am a nurse so I hope I know the difference!!!) and I felt like I could sob and scream and cry. I felt all the pain and hurt well up in me from recent 'stuff'. I could see Leon way off in the distance and I couldn't keep up, I felt a failure and awful.I stopped twice and cried...but I carried on, and did 5.48 in 35 mins.

Has anyone else experienced this emotional pain when running, or is it just me??!!!

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  • Yup. Running can release endorphins and make things feel better, but sometimes it is just very very hard. But there will be better days and better runs. Hang on in there.


  • Thanks Greenlegs that seems like really good advice

  • Well done you for running outside, up hills and such a gat distance in a fab time. I am still shackled to the treadmill :( have decided tow runs a week on treadmill then gradually introduce outside runs. You are doing amazing.

  • Thankyou so much....yes hills are ********* I think I would fall off one of those things, I'm not very good at co-ordinating myself!! I think you will love the outdoors runs, it makes you feel free and powerful that your body can cover that distance with nothing else....quite amazing! Have a fab weekend xx

  • Sorry for spelling mistakes lol hope you get the jist lol

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