W6 R3 discouragement

Yesterday I set out for my first shot at W6 R3. I think I would have made it had I not planned my route badly and ended up running up quite a hill on the last 5 mins. So I am afraid I dropped off to a walk at 22mins. I also felt very thirsty so its time for me to get my second piece of 'proper' ambly runner gear - a running water bottle.

However I did feel the gremlins get me as I felt pretty low when a tall male, who was alternating walking and running, so might have been One of Us, walked past me - and left me for dust - while I was 'running'.

Him....walking....much faster than ....Me....running.

I felt a bit down as I continued on after that.

So I'll need to give that one another go on either thursday or friday.

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  • Don't feel down or disheartened. You know this was just a 'practice'☺ I've had SO many of them now. And what does practice make?

    Those bl**dy tall males though? Honestly, they're everywhere. Wouldn't be at all surprised if the gremlins don't call them and tell them when we're going out!

    Chalk it up Sofargoner... You're building those running legs, Bit by bit. Run by run. You're doing brilliantly πŸ‘

  • Tall=long legs, covers more ground with a stride, and for all you know he may have ground to a halt a few minutes after. That aside, it is fine to run slower than some people's walk - I speak as someone well practised in that :-D Just do the speed that is right for you and if you are struggling, as on that sneaky hill at the end slow down still further. Have a good run on Thursday or Friday.

  • thank you. The hill - thats the thing - I genuinely was just doing a run that was a walk with a feeble leg lift - and that's why I was like 'Walk...or collapse'

  • I know that one from experience :-) Shorter, even slower steps help along with trying to find something very interesting in the surroundings!

  • Well done for even tackling the hill πŸ‘πŸ» the overtaking reminds me of when I shuffled past a pair of gazelles (head and shoulders taller than me) out walking their dogs at the start of my run, when I turned round at the half way point they were just behind me 🐒🐌 they must've been in stitches walking along the towpath following me πŸ™ˆ

  • Yep - and he probably only walked/ran until he was around the corner and then blew his lungs out his nose ;)

    There were a lot of those on Sunday - one blue rinse granny passed me several times trotting along and then walking fast. But by mile two her face matched her hair... ;)

    Even THINKING of doing a hill at week 3 appalls me! Heck - it appalled me for weeks after I graduated! Heck - I did not even WALK up hills if I could help it for YEARS!

    You are probably like a lot of us - a Stayer, not a Sprinter.

    Sprinters end up eating OUR dust ;)

    You will be fine, I know it :)

  • Sorry John I made a mistake, its week 6 (amended post now)

  • O don't be disheartened you have done terrific & everyone of us has had bad runs at some time or another I found week 6 really hard going I think I thought after running 20 mins it would be easy πŸ˜€πŸ˜€I'm finished programme & still not easy maybe easier😊😊 hills a pain who designed them!!! I did my first proper wee hills last night o boy was it hard going but I got some great tips from all these lovely people on this forum & yes it's ok to walk a bit & then go back to running😊 you are so close to that shiny badge & doing a great job 😊remind yourself what it was like just getting out there!! You have achieved so much🌟 keep on running & enjoy x

  • Bless you - tall means long legs and big strides. Don't worry when they pass you - there is a young lady who often swishes past me and is quite quickly a speck in the distance.

    Slow and steady and W6 is one of the weeks that is hard even without the hills. If I'm struggling I just imagine some of you on here are running with me. You are on my list of companions πŸ˜€.

    You are very nearly there. Good luck and enjoy your next run 😊

  • Hey, don't be down - so you 'only' managed 22 minutes non stop running. Bet you wouldn't have said that 6 short weeks ago! It's all about consolidation now so just keep going and you will be fine ( and maybe choose a flatter route for now!)

  • 22 minutes of non stop running is a great achievement, and you'll get the 25 a subsequent run I'm sure. Just choose a route without an unexpected hill if you can. And ignore the daddy-longlegs, he's probably just a gremlin in disguise...

  • It's not about what other folks are doing! Who cares! This about you. Cut yourself some some slack and crack on. You'll be just fine 😊

  • Don't be downhearted. You are doing so well and hills are so difficult. If you look back to when running for 1 minute seemed impossible you will realise how far you have come.

  • Keep going! We all have our slower days, and what does it matter? Also, I will go a long way to avoid a hlll (unless I am running down it πŸ˜€)

  • 22 minutes running without a break is great. You're doing brilliantly!

    My recommendation to all on the C25k plan would be not to give speed a second thought. The plan over these nine weeks is to train our very surprised legs that, yes, they are now going to be required to run. And no, we're not joking actually. They'll just have to get over it.

    We can then break it to them months down the line that we would also like them to do other things like... run a bit faster, run up a hill, etc...

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