Wanting to start!!

I've been wanting to start running again for such a long time...but I keep putting it off, doing too much then finding it so hard that I never go again...am sure you know the type of thing I mean. I used to run around 15 years ago and loved it....but now I'm approaching 40 (in December) and am desperate to get fit!!

I have a busy life with working and having 3 kids......and can make lots of excuses....it is very hard to find the time...and that's something I need to work out....

Have been walking briskly for a while and that's been ok...but want to step up the pace a bit. I do want to lose around half a stone...but my main aim is to feel better in myself and fitter! So wish me luck....a, hoping to go out for my 1st run of week 1 tomorrow.


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  • good luck :)

  • Good luck this is a wonderful program to ease you in to running . It is step by step and although challenging it is not overwhelming. I am 54 and doing the program I'm in week 7 and loving it ! I have always enjoyed exercise but have never been a runner. This program has taught me to take it slow and build it is wonderful. Good luck I'm sure you will love it :-)

  • For your encouragement SnowyOwl and Fluffywelshsheep.....I'll hopefully post back later!! It's inspiring to know so many people have succeeded with this plan. I have the Get Running App in my phone which follows the C25K plan......and have uploaded a playlist which should hopefully keep me motivated!! Just got to get out of the door!!!

  • That should have had a 'thankyou' at the start....it somehow disappeared when posted!!

  • Good luck, this programme is BRILLIANT - as a 50 yo who hadnt run for 35 years willingly (other than for the train!) - if I can do it ANYONE can lol!

  • Ok so IDID IT!!!!! And it wasn't as bad as the last time I tried to start- perhaps the walking has built up my fitness more than I thought!!! It was almost enjoyable........apart from one problem that's happened the last few times I've tried to run.....I get a pounding headache! It eases off during the walking bit (but is still there) and then gets more intense once running. Any ideas? I had a drink before I went out.....

  • Well done for taking that first step - I am like you a working mum of 2 very busy children and never seemed to find the time. However I do think this programme is very achievable in terms of time as well as fitness. I bet you will love it - I have just finished week 4 and am even looking forward to the sessions - very strange. Keep an eye on the headaches - make sure you are really well hydrated - if it persitis I would visit the docs just to be safe!

  • This really works if you put your trust in Laura. I'm nearly 64 and have never run before. I am now running 5k three times a week and feeling great. Give it a go and I'm sure you'll succeed.

  • Well done for getting out there. Keep at it!

    Not sure on the headache- maybe make sure you've drunk enough during the day before running, rather than just before the run. And take some water with you.

    Good luck

  • Completed Week 1 run 3 tonight....no more headaches, and finding it ok!! (you might even say I'm enjoying it!!). A couple of friends are joining me once or twice a week, so my training might not go 'by the book' as they are less fit than me, which means i might move in to week 2 a little later than planned. However it's much nicer running with other people!!

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