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Life after week 9

Hi everyone. I graduated about 2 weeks ago and I'm finding it a bit hard to stay motivated. Or rather I'm finding it easier to slack off now than when I was in the couch to 5 k program aiming for those 30 min. I've been out 4 times since graduation. I'm still using the week 9 podcast, haven't downloaded any of the plus programs so far. The first run after graduation was ok but then the next 2 were really hard. I really had to trick myself to keep going,thinking I can do 5 min more then I will stop and then 5 min more and so on until I was done. Yesterday was my fourth time and that one was really good. So I hope I will start doing better from now on. I'm thinking I need a change is music though, so I will have to look into that. Are many of you doing the bridge to 10K? All the best to you.

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I've run to all 3 c25k+ podcasts since graduating at the end of last month - each is challenging in it's own way.

I'm training for a 10k race next month, but haven't had chance to use the B210k programme, so I'm doing 2 x 30 minute runs and one increasingly longer run each week.


I know just where you are at. It is hard to keep motivated when the programme is over.

I thought rolling up at the local running club would help. Turned up last night and went out with the lightest group and did mostly walking and virtually no running. Should have gone out this morning to replace the non-running event of last night but failed BOB. Should also have been at docs for 9.30 and slept through and missed that too.

Need a bomb under me!


I've been ok motivation wise since graduating. I think a goal is needed to maintain focus. Since I have graduated I can run 5k in 30 minutes so I'm happy with that. I'm not sure how much I can shave off that time so I'm thinking about running a 10k next month. I haven't tried any of the C25k+ podcasts or the B210k podcast yet, I'm currently just doing longer runs (I'm currently doing 1x 5k, 1x 6k and 1x 7k a week and adding 1k onto the longer run each week) to try and gain stamina.

Maybe you could give yourself a goal? How about a Santa Dash or other organised run?


Hi Splenda78, I am doing the B210K with Bluefin, because I don't have a smart phone I have to use my ipod and get the podcasts :-)

Anyways just to let you know the music is absolutely worse than the C25K including a funny one where the only lyrics are 'little bunny rabbit' :-)

However I found myself, like you hopelessly unmotivated and this coupled with no club runs meant I was in serious risk of failing myself and all our other graduates :-( which when you have worked so hard is definitely not good, the doc just changed my diet again, which is really not helping, but surprisingly (must be the bad music effect) the B210K is going well, so far! my post graduation week (last week) was absolutely horrendous so am hopeful this week improves :-) so far Monday was a no show, Tuesday went well, tonight is very hopeful :-) will blog later :-)


Thanks for the replies:) It's nice to know how others are doing.


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