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Woo hoo ! W4r1, but OMG the music!

We did the first week 4 run! I can't quite believe I've done 2x3 mins AND 2x5! And the 3 this week was easier than it was last week - even tho "last week" was only the day before yesterday! I love how Laura helps you step it up each time. It was hard, but we could do it, and 4 weeks ago could barely cope with 60 seconds! I'm even able to breathe now!

We had to giggle at the music though. We've taken to trying to spot who the music is nearly being - today we spotted nearly eninem and nearly Howard jones!??

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Hahaha like your distraction techniques! :) Yep, think about the music and you'll not notice the legs, breathing, time etc! I had absolutely no idea who the music was by - it was so very far away from anything I'd ever listen to normally, I couldn't wait to get rid of it! I must confess to sometimes listening to the lyrics and wondering what kind of sick mind put the play lists together :D Presume you've had the sunshine lyrics on pouring rainy days, etc etc

Anyway, whatever technique you use, it's clearly working for you. Keep up the great effort - soon you'll be on the longer continuous runs and can listen to anything you like. Well done on your progress so far :) ;) cheers, Linda x


I've just finished week 3 and feeling a bit nervous about next week... this helps!


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