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Is it me or the music?

Having found Week 4 easier than I had been dreading, I launched into Week 5 this morning brimming with confidence, which I quickly realised was entirely misplaced. It was really tough, the worst part being that I couldn't find a good rhythm - my pace just didn't fit with the music and I struggled to concentrate on my breathing, which is usually the way I get through the runs. Almost gave up in the last 5 min run, when suddenly at the half way mark, a new piece of music started that I could finally match my rhythm to and suddenly I felt like I could run for miles (not really, you understand, just in my head!) and I even manage to accelerate my pace for the last 90 seconds. Feeling much relieved that I made it through, but will approach the next run with trepidation - do I need to worry about the music for W5 R2?

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Know what you mean!

Week 5 was my stumbling block, completely blew up on run two. I found five more difficult because it changes the whole rhythm of the week (not in a music sense) whereas up to that point they had all bee much of a muchness just slightly harder each time.

Whilst you have that gradient you can anticipate what it will feel like and adjust accordingly but wk5 chopped and changed a lot which made that difficult.


Thank you, Greg! It helps so much to see the Graduate button next to your name despite the fact that you had a blow out along the way. Am really enjoying the programme, but can't quite shake the fear that I'll end up failing.


I have been going about 20 months and still have a blow up every now and again :-D

You will only fail if you let yourself. It usually just a matter of slowing down or reducing ambition momentarily and not letting you chin go down.

The first 'bad' run is a bit miserable, but once you have had a few hundred like me then you'll..........oh no scratch that they never stop being annoying, I must stop being all fluffy! however you know there is a good one round the corner (if that metaphor works).

Keep up the good work 8-)

So long as you keep getting the "enjoyment" feeling you are all set!


It may have a lot to do with Week 5 being such a change from the weeks preceding. Week 5 is a turning point into the longer runs... and I posted last week about how it is a mental challenge as well, and it seems in so many ways.

Good Luck!! I am just ahead by a week, ready to start W6R2 this morning :)


Thank you so much. I'll take inspiration from you as you lead the way.


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