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My first post


Hi everyone,

just found this forum a few days ago, and have been reading everyones blogs. Such an inspirational lot you are, :-) Loving reading other peoles stories, so familiar.

So anyway, i thought id have a go and post, iv never used a forum before so sorry if i go on too much or am a bit illegible .

Just finished week 3 yesterday, Never in my wildest dreams could i have imangined that i would be able to run 3 minutes without stopping, but have managed to do that. Somehow ?!? lol

I have surprised myself no end doing this, as i havent exercised in about 16 years since school. And the best bit totally enjoying it too, thats the biggest surprise, how enjoyable and also satisfying it is when you get home and youve completed your run. Ive got the bug big time :-) Feeling the benifits already, when im out walking the dog, id find myself out of breath by the end of the walk. long gone is that, Not really lost any weight, but that isnt why im doing it anyway, just want to get fit.

Not really suffered any pains in my legs, other than the very first two runs, and even the breathless is no where near as bad as i imagined. The odd stitch in my side now and again, but ive found putting my hands on my hips standing up straight whilst keeping walking and taking two slow breaths stops that instantly.

The worst bit is the red face though, its getting slightly less, but when i get home and shower my face flames up, but always had a bit of problem with flushing and blushing so it must just be part of who i am.

Just about to begin week four of the programme and pretty nervous, as it looks A LOT ! of running, it looks such a big step up from week 3. Off out tommorrow so fingers crossed i can do it.

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Welcome and well done for getting to week 4 :-) It does seem like some of the weeks are jumping so far ahead, but you are working up to them with the previous weeks. Just go out there and do the best you can, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper but what a feeling when you complete a run. :-)

All the best for week 4 and now you are here keeping blogging. :-)


Welcome! :-) You will do great! Just place one foot in front of the other and KNOW you can do this! C25K is challenging, but all very achievable! You will love it here! :-) welcome also to week 4! Maybe try a bit more water before a run. This may help you with the stitch. :-) Gayle


Welcome are doing so well :) Keep going you are ready for W4 and you will feel so proud of yourself when it's done. This programme is almost like a virtual carries you along and you don't realise how it is possible to achieve what you did.....but you really progress.

I agree with Gayle...i always drink a lot of water for the 2 hours before I run and I have never had a stitch :) I can now run 5km and still no stitch. Keep posting and enjoy W4 :-D


aww thank you all, :-)

evryones so nice here. Thanks for the tip with the water, i do have 1 glass before i go out, will try drinking more beforehand.



Well done on reaching week 4 and have been building up each week so are ready to move on even if it does sometimes feel like a big jump. Remember a lot if it is also a mental challenge especially as the runs get longer so believe in yourself you can do it!!!


Hi, I'm a newbie too and wrote my first post after my week3 run 2. I have my last run tomorrow then start week 4 on Monday. I'm seriously enjoying it too, always wanted to run just kept procrastinating! I'm a bit worried for week 4 too, I'll keep an eye out for your blog and see how you went!


I'm not doing it for the weight loss either though it would be good!

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