ergh ... kill me now !! w5r3

i hate running , ive just done my w5r3 and it was AWFUL i completed it but i honestly dont know how , i had podcast problems , problem being me and my fat fingers had somehow made laura talk super quick , then when i finally sorted that out had realised id been listening to podcast w5r2 so had to do a pocket root phone shuffle and make my 5 min warm up a 7 min one !! finally got to the running and it was sooooooooo hard , my legs were on fire my ar$e ached sweat dripping into my eyes , etc etc , thought id run 8 mins or so when the "lovely " laura informed me id just done 5 lol , i carried on and somehow managed to do it but i for the life of me cant remember why im putting myself through this haha im gonna take whatever days tere are until monday as rest days before embarking on week 6 .. ps does anyone elses toes get numb ?

EDITED TO ADD ... i dont hate running , i was being a drama queen , i think i like it , i hate rest days but will never ever skip them even though im chomping at the bit to carry on , i am very proud of myself for getting this far as i thought i would flake out at week 3 , running is very hard im very unfit i have lots of wibbly wobbly bits all which do there own thing when im running but i wouldnt have it any other way as ive just been told ...... " i look fab , healthy and shiny " ,


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19 Replies

  • Wow... you completed W5R3!!! I am soooo impressed. I can only look at people like you as Gods! (I'm W2R2 and finding it a challenge).

    Well done :)

  • You are doing fine.. and she is are right!!!

  • Right! Okay.. big breath... loosen your laces... and land lightly..( That is the toes):)

    Do you really hate it...? If you really honestly do, then maybe this isn't for you .. it should be hard... hard but do-able... slow and steady should get you there and hopefully enjoying some of your journey:) Maybe take it really really slowly ?

    There is always room for more slowness.. and try and relax into it... think of other things..look around, make up stupid rhymes.. I do it all the time.. check my rambling, past posts out.. I have had amazing fun, and in the early days graduating through the cold dark winter mornings of 2015.. I did all sorts to keep me slowly plodding on...:)

    Let me know how you go... you are ready for next week.. which is a bit of a doozy... but, want to do it... want to get there and think how you will feel when you have finished the week..

    " No one will tell you it is going to be easy... but they will tell you it is worth it..!"

  • hangs head in shame for being a drama queen , truth is i dont hate it , i think i may actually love it , on my rest days i look forward to my runs !!! i will try the lace loosening as for landing lightly probs not going to happen im pretty much a fairy elephant lol :) ps i feel good after doing the run , but ive felt good at doing all of the runs

  • I guessed it 😉 I love elephants..fairy or otherwise I adopted an elephant family,through the WWF..🙂

  • My daughter is a runner, and tells me she doesn't like it. However she loves it when she finishes. She loves the fact she can eat everything she wants. And how it makes her feel healthy and smug. I am waiting to reach the point when I can feel the same.

  • Sounds like something my daughter would have done just to annoy boring old unfair Dad LOL :)

  • blahblahblahblahblahblahblah I DID W5R3!!! I AM A GOLDEN GOD!!!

    well done you. Bask in glory for the weekend. And haev an epsom salt bath.

    Toes... what OldFloss said. There is a handy lacing guide for different foot types/isues. You wouldn't think the way you lace your trainers could be such a deal but it is remarkable hw much difference it can make. Will see if I can dig it out.

  • I'm hurt! You never called ME a golden god!

    ( Note to self. Train to beat Rignold in his next ultrathon !)


  • Oh this looks useful. Thanks Rignold.

  • your shoes may be too tight. Feet swell when you run, I always wear a size bigger ( mens 8.5!!!!!)... Bit sad to hear that you hate running. Why are you doing this??

  • i dont hate it , fact i think i may actually love it , ( when ive finished any given day that is )

  • There were mornings I had to force myself out the door when I was on my way to graduation.

    There were runs where I would think " rather die now out here than decay in a nursing home in thirty years time) just to push that extra minute or two.

    There have been very despondent "just could not finish it this morning" runs since graduation and there will be more "do I suck at running really?" moments again in the future.

    But Nothing is hitting me as bad as this last seven days of enforced not-running because of the hellacious storms and flooding here in mid-week USA.

    I am miserable thinking of a the happy exhausting minutes I'm missing and how my fitness level is decreasing.

    And all the above is never something I could imagine writing before I took those first extremely ardurous and tentative running steps last June 1st : )

    Running - the greatest pain you'll ever love ;)

  • Kill you now? Certainly not! I'm hoisting you on my shoulders and running around shouting, " secksy34 has done Week 5 Run 3"! Let's all celebrate. :)

  • thanks xx

  • Well done you. You did such a good job and even with tech problems, confusion and exhaustion, you are ready for week 6

  • Did you really think you'd falke out at W3? - I've just finished W3. I did all the runs, but found it very hard - can't imagine running for 5 minutes in W4 :(

  • i really did im very unfit and overweight , but slow and steady is defo the way to go x you will be fine ( i promise) :D

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