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no rest days as yet!!

ive just completed run 3 week 2 and so far loving it not out of breath or aching so havent took rest days ive done each week 3 days in a row due to always being into fitness and used to walking several miles a week but never being a great runner so thought id try this app to build my fitness level slowly but surely

will I be ok doing this and has anyone else done this approach?? i feel like im not doing much or enough?? im sure ill eat my words in a couple of weeks lol :)

my big aim is to be able to complete 10K :)

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I don't think it's a good idea to run on 3 consecutive days - your body does need time to recover between runs. It may seem ok at this early stage but could become a problem to you later. Take at least 1 rest day between each run. You can do something else on that day if you wish - swimming for example.


I think you may be OK using this approach for a while. If the first weeks feel like almost no effort to you, then you're probably starting this programme much fitter than most of us (who tend to not be into fitness at all before c25k). Just be sensible. As soon as you feel like you had to put in an effort and got out of breath, you've reached the point where you need recovery time. But surely if you've always been into fitness, you'd know that already? I hope it all goes well for you, and you find out you're more of a runner than you thought.

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Rest days are not just for resting, they're also for doing other exercises that are beneficial to runners and prevent injury - squats, stretches &c. The NHS Strength and Flex programme syncs with C25k very well and also features Laura.


I used to feel the same as you when I started angemarie. I could have run everyday. I even wanted to run twice a day if I could, I was so hooked ! But I listened to this forum and made sure I had a rest day in between each run. I am glad I did.

Easy does it and I got there.


Wise words above. The rest days are to help your joints and muscles get used to the new exercise. Many of us come to running from other exercise but non of them use the muscles in the same way that running does. There is hardly any exercise that it is beneficial to do everyday without possibility of injury, apart from gentle walking. The fitter you get the more you require your body to do which then requires the rest time to build the muscles you are trying to strengthen. Cross training is the best way to exercise everyday. One of the reasons triathlon is such a growing sport is because it has given runners a great base to cross train every day. training for a 10km is very achievable in the same time frame just have rest days In between. The more rested your muscles are between runs the more you can push them. Training for a 10km you will actually get better times with rest days. I know it might sound strange now but our bodies really do respond to rest favourably. Happy running.


The rest days are when we get stronger as our muscles repair so I think they are critical. You might be very young and get away with it but why take the chance? Even elite athletes take rest days!


Running causes micro-tears in the muscle fibres in your legs. It is a natural process as your muscles continually lengthen and contract under impact. You won't notice these little tears and they require 24-48 hours to repair.

This is the reason why C25K program insists on rest days. Without the rest days the tears just build up and don't heal.

If you are finding C25k too easy, just do the first run of each week until you find your natural level. But do take a rest day between runs.

By the way, rest day means no running. You could swim, cycle, cross-train, stretch... Anything that is not impacting your muscles.

Enjoy the program, but don't over-exert yourself and get hurt.


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