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Wk 2 R1

So first run of week 2 and dare I say but I feel like I actually achieved something! :-) managed to run all the 1.5 mins without stopping although it was a struggle to breathe through the last couple - I did it!

I was supposed to get up early and do it but couldn't get up and hummed and ahhed all day about doing it as I've had some pain in my knee and shin, but I sucked it up and went out and I'm just pleased I did it!

I took some previous advice and measured myself so if I don't lose weight ill hopefully see some difference in inches..

Any advice to get through the other 2 runs of week 2?


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Well done! Advice for the other runs - well, be careful of that knee and shin for a start. Have you had gait analysis? Are your shoes the right type? It might just be the unaccustomed exercise :D if you haven't run before, so my advice would be just to take it slow and steady. Good luck, and blog again to let us know how you get on.


Yeah I went to get my gait analysis done as I had a feeling I was wearing the wrong trainers, I discovered I over pronate so bought some new balance trainers that help that, but I've only wore them twice already.

I don't feel too bad today as I thought my knee might hurt today especially after running for longer yesterday.

I'm Definatley taking it slow my runs are more like a very slow jog but it seems to be working ha ha

Thanks for the advise :-)


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