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Week 2,R1

Still blistering after the other day but plaster on and an extra pair of socks! The mid run struggle is still there but powering through - think it's some sort of mental block but that's a very different issue! I did get some tips from the office staff when I was on campus on Monday so tried to use those :) Feel a bit more human now with two runs (Week 1,R3 plus today) and a lot of sleep since I got home on Tuesday night! Weather forecast is utterly horrendous for the weekend so Run 2 looks like it's happening on Monday. Had an appointment with my GP this afternoon and she said doing it was a positive step mental health wise and I'm hoping that slowly,it's beginning to build a small bit of confidence back up after what's been a difficult summer.

Am I too early looking at my local Parkrun?


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Good to know when you're aiming for regarding park run dates. I found having a goalpost to run to each time really helped. I ran between the rugby posts actually lol! But each time it helped to look up and no how far was left to go. Keep going it gets better really quickly

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I wouldn't be aiming for it until I've gone through the 9 weeks of the programme and feel comfortable I could do it,being in a small local place,people know you and all that sort of thing!


Well done for keeping going.

You shouldn't really be getting blisters. One of your most important tools is decent running shoes and running socks - they should solve the problem.

Your doctor is right to encourage you - you won't regret doing the programme!


It was a blister I picked up on campus so not whilst running :)


Perhaps need to wear your running shoes more then!


Hi Hidden, we have ladies at our Parkrun who walk every week. If you're keen to get started, there's no reason why you need to wait until graduation, as you could do your 5 min warm up followed by your current weeks run, then walk the remainder of the 5k as your cool down. I waited until graduation before plucking up the courage to head down to Parkrun & really wish I'd gone down there sooner as they're a lovely bunch of people, but when your running along, it's a bit trickier meeting new friends - the ladies who walk enjoy talking to the volunteer tail runner who walks & chats to them for the duration (about 50mins or so) , as the volunteers rotate - which means new people to talk too 😆 whatever you decide, happy running 🏃


I don't feel properly ready at the moment to do a Parkrun,if I manage the longer runs (Week 5 onwards?),I would do it then but don't feel ready yet.


Haven't done Run 2 yet,get the feeling I'm doing this all wrong,folks think I'm doing it all wrong,going to try and get out before dinner and do Run 2,but losing heart.


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