WK 2 R1

Just finished Week 2 Run 1

I think I was having anxiety about it because I decided doing it first thing is best for me. So all night I kept having vivid dreams about not waking up in time to do it and was tossing and turning and awake before the alarm went off

I found for some of the runs, I was really running as opposed to a shufflely jog type thing

Already noticing a difference, which is amazing, I think I could be starting to realise I may start to enjoy running, which I didn't think possible.

Thanks for all the support runners :-)


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  • I'm about to do W2R1 too ... nervous but excited. I feel dread before each run, but exhilaration at the end each time so far, and the aches are getting much less. Knees a bit dodgy up and down the stairs, but will keep a close eye on them (as far as is physically possible!!). Well done you.

  • Well done! I agree the progress week on week is amazing. (I'm only three weeks in but it's still amazing!) The programme seems to work. I'm familiar with those feelings of dread and anxiety but much to my surprise I completed run 1 of week 3 yesterday and never thought it possible. Without the encouraging comments on this site and reading of those who've gone before, don't think I'd be considering tomorrow's second run of the week quite so positively (but still with a degree of dread and anxiety) . Keep on keeping on.

  • Great that you are beginning to enjoy it and see some benefits. Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Don't go too fast at this stage! Laura tells you that all is needed is a slow jog. You need to get through the runs in one piece! You can work on speed later but for now go steady. The route to graduation is littered with over enthusiastic c25kers.

    Enjoy your runs and keep us posted

  • Well I just completed Wk 2 Run 1 and actually found it easier than Wk 1 runs - only 6 runs instead of 8 - perhaps it's all in the mind ..... !

  • Felt exactly the same. I'm being positive, it wasn't easier, I'm just less afraid lol ( oh and the new running shoes... Result! What a difference a good pair of shoes make!)

  • Well done Khillary and UIOLI for completing W2r1: let us know how W2r2 goes for you both. Getting out the door is the hardest part sometimes.

  • Two words: sore knee :(

  • Rest...rest...rest... Did you run on grass or concrete? Did you stride too far?

  • Definitely didn't stride too far - I am the slowest runner in the world! Yes it was on a road, and the problem was it was a country lane which sloped down to the side of the road, and my foot/knee had twisted a bit - once I realised what was happening the damage was done. I have rested for 3 days, and my knee feels better now, so am going to run on the playing field today. (I had been running on quiet country roads because I didn't want anyone to see me - look where my vanity has got me!).

  • Good for you. Aren't we mental thinking anybody's interested in us running! I just stare into the middle distance now... Dodging the dogs lol

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