Yay!! I did it!

I have finally completed the program- this was my second attempt, having given up last year at the end of week 8. I know, I know, what a fool!

Why is it we can encourage and support others but berate ourselves for not achieving perfection? I had hoped to have run a whole 5k in 30 mins but only managed 3.7kms.

However, I did do all the runs and have got through shin splints, hip pain, the embarrassment of the first outside run, finding out I have "exercise-induced asthma" (huh?), and the bear behind our house!

So, despite the lack of kms, I figure I can call myself a grad and treat myself to a cuppa and a stcky bun to celebrate.


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10 Replies

  • Well done! I'm only on week 2 so 30 minutes running still seems impossible! Congratulations!

  • You'll surprise yourself jammie,. We all do....

  • You can do it, Jammie!just do whatLaura tells you, and before you know it, you'll be getting your shiny grad badge, too!

  • I think if you run with bears you might find you get a pb :)

    well done for finishing I bet the smile stays for a week!

  • I might be doing extra laundry, too!

  • Wow Schmeichelfan, that nice shiny Gradge Badge is looking good next to your name.

    Well done and wear it with pride!

  • There is no 'consider yourself a graduate', you ARE one. The aim of the program is to get you to run continuously for 30 mins. You have done this - ergo you ARE a graduate! Be proud of yourself!! Well done! Speed and distance are things that will come in time - just keep it up. Congratulations, Graduate.

  • Bun fully earned. Well done.

  • Well done! Yes as you say we are our own worse critics really aren't we? Well you can give yourself a well deserved pat on the back ( although anatomically quite difficult to do metaphorically easy!)

    As you say you deserve the bun

    .. And the badge .. You ARE a graduate!! And the runner name ' Runs with Bears' ... There should be a bizarre American Indian ritual now performed where you get your 'running name' given... Instead you get a sticky bun and a virtual badge... Well done schmeichelfan aka 'runs with bears'

  • Well done. Congrats. Soon the bear will not be able to catch you!

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