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W5R2 - Help!! I can't stop running


I have gone from being someone who used to inwardly snigger at people in shorts running in the streets to being an a..a..a ad..(help I cant say the word!) an addict. There I've said it. I confess to having become a running junkie (but definitely no drugs involved!!!)

Today should have been rest day after doing R1 of week 5 yesterday. But I couldn't help myself. It appears that a little running man has taken over my brain and my body and "he" absolutely insisted that I went out for R2. All morning he was asking if it was time yet. And then he said not long now, and then at 12:45 just before lunch (which has become my run time) he was screaming at me "Go run,go run,go run". What could I do? I just had to go out and do R2.

But I'll tell you this. I will try ever so hard to resist next time "he" insists.

I really should have taken my rest day but I was determined to get W5 done this week before heading off on Friday to N Ireland because of my work.

The run wasn't good. I was struggling all the way. In fact I was ready to stop just before the end of the 2nd 8min run, but I knew that if I did stop I wouldn't have managed another step and would have had to phone my wife to come and get me in the car, and I wasn't going to do that so on I plodded on to the end. How the 5x50 folks do it I don't know!!

Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and then R3 on Thursday.

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Oh dear, poor you .... Still, I had to laugh about your futile attempts to kill the niggling, devil/running man in your weakened (a-word's ...! ) head! Let's hope you've learned a lesson now ;) before you caused any lasting damage LOL. Rest properly tomorrow and take the Thursday run as slowly and steadily as you can ... No point in spoiling your trip to NI by aching and being troubled with painful limbs.

Next week you can satisfy your cravings for more running fixes, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you will try to belt through this entire programme ;)

Soon you'll have improved stamina and fitness and by the time you graduate, you too will be ready to sign up for the 5x50 challenge. Have fun and a pleasant trip, cheers Linda

LandRoverMadGraduate in reply to LMS2110

Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I don't know about "belting through it". When I started I just wanted to be ready to do a sponsored 5K on 8 June. So I had reckoned on finishing one week before that. Now that the date has been changed for the 5K I shan't be able to take part this year but I still want to stick to my deadline of end of May.

We'll see how it goes.


Very funny! I know that feeling too - though in the middle of 5x50 I have to confess to doing rather less running than I was, now that I'm doing other things more. But I am still doing a whole lot more running than before I started in December (ie when I did none whatsoever!)

Take care - your legs need recovery days!

LandRoverMadGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks for your comments.

I am definitely going to make sure I take my rest days, even if I do get behind in my schedule.

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