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i tried R2 of W5 wednesday, but as i had only done R1 the day before (without a rest day inbetween) i struggled and couldnt complete it. so i gave myself a couple of days rest and tried again friday. and i did it!! i ran a full 8 minutes-twice!!

im a little bit nervous of running R3 as its a full 20 minutes running, but im gonna try my hardest to do it. im glad im pushing through and doing it though, i normally would have given up by now, but i have a fitness goal in mind that i WILL get too. :) xx

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Well done. You sound very determined. :-) Just go slow and find your pace and you will be fine. :-)

Very best of luck.


Pace yourself and don't think about how tired your legs might be. Worked for me yesterday :)


Hang on to your reason for getting fit, pace yourself (i.e. go nice and slowly) and then enjoy the wonderful feeling as you approach that 20 min milestone. :-)

thanks everyone, :) x


Good luck for the third week 5 run, did mine this morning. The key is to go slow, and then slow down even more when you feel tired, it then feels like you are having a rest.


Slow and steady, slow and steady!

And now you know not to leave out rest days :) - they're muscle recovery days, not just 'having a rest' - very important, especially as you get into the later weeks. If you need an extra day sometimes, take it. I've noticed it makes a lot of difference - the muscles apparently get tiny tears in them when we run, and they have to be repaired when we're resting, so not surprising that it's hard to run on consecutive days.

Keep determined and you'll get there, just keeping putting one foot in front of the other.


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