Couch to 5K

3 1/2 months break. 5.2K=34 minutes 57 seconds! Glad? Oh Yeah I am VERY glad!

Hi Everyone!!! I know this is after a very long break. Life had been hectic. Had to go to Sri Lanka to see my unwell Mum in October and could not do any running there except once when I ran 5K in the garden! When I returned it was too cold and wet in the UK so did not run at all! Work had been hectic as well and stressful so when coming home too tired to go for a run.-EXCUSES!!! Basically the running was stopped but was feeling sooo guilty whenever I see a runner on the road.

THEN, everything changed today! Did not plan anything, just felt that I should go for a run, got ready in 5 minutes before I change my mind and here I was all geared up and ready to go! Surprised Husband was met near the door-'Are you going for a run???-NOW?!!' Me-'Yes, that is the plan'. Excited Son (7)-'Mummyyyy..are you going for a run?? Wow, are you REALLY going for a run NOW?'!! Me-'Yes, I AM, NOW'! 'Take it easy' Hubby said, 'Don't run too long'. All smiles and here I went!

I did not expect to run 5K as it was after a while, but I started slow and ran all the way. My PB had been under 30 minutes for 5K but then who cares about PB when you run after a long time, so I started in a slow and comfortable speed and continued that all the way and I do feel good. Glad I started today and now it will be continued!

I am so glad that I met Laura almost a year back. We have so many good memories!

This is just to let anyone who is wondering 'whether to start C25K or not' know, please go ahead and start it, you can do it and the fitness you gain will be there even after 3 1/2 months non-running break!

I am surprised but then here I am A 'living example'! I was someone who could not run even for 2 minutes non-stop a year ago, basically I could not run at all, and then I have run 15K non-stop over the last year after doing C25K. This is great stuff!

Good luck to you all!

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Really pleased for you , that's brill . Yes you are proof that even after such a long break it still can be done . Hope same can be said for me when I can get back running . Well done !


Thank you Rockette, good luck to you for your running too! If I can do it, anyone can!


Loving that time. Well done.


Thank you..


Welcome back! Are you running in the rain yet? ;)


Thank you. Too cold to run in the rain OldNed but I might do it one of these days as rain is all what we get here in Oxford!


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