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Week 9 Run 3 done and dusted!

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Broke with my normal routine today and ran in the evening rather than at lunchtime - big mistake! My route is around a lake and I had not realised that the midges come out in droves when it is warm, wet and getting dark. So, 30 minutes after starting, and with my eyes, mouth and nose full of the blighters I completed the programme and I feel great!! It's been a real journey, one that I don't think I'd have completed so easily without the help of all of you. Reading about everyone's exploits has kept me going and motivated all the way through - thanks. All I have to do now is keep it going!!!

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WooodHooooo Well done you! :) ;) :D

Many congratulations upon graduating. Do you have plans for post grad activities - once some serious celebrations are over? All the best. Linda x

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DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to LMS2110

Thanks Linda. My next target is 10K as I am running in the British 10K London run in July which I think will be quite a stretch but after completing this I'm sure it's achievable. After all, I'm told it's all in the mind!!!!

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Congrats from me too, it's quite the week for graduates so it would seem. I'm still getting over my grad celebrations, I'm still grinning though. Enjoy your achievement, it's not easy and you've done it!

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DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to Twedders

Many thanks. At times it has been hard but the support I've received from people on the blog has been really helpful when the going gets tough. Now, time for celebration!!!

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Congrats my fellow graduate!! We seem to have done it together! Good luck to you for your future runs!!!

Congratulations. Embrace the buzz. Well done

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DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to hacw

Thanks. Is that the buzz of the midges or the buzz of success? I think I'll embrace the latter and leave the midges to it!

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Congratulations - doubly so for graduating through midges. Uuuuuurrrrggghhhh! I HATE midges! (Oh, now I can feel them crawling all over my face - uck!)

All the best for your journey to 10k. :)

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DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks. It's definitely made me think I need to find a different route for the next challenge i.e. one that's midge free - I wasn't going to let them beat me last night!!

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Congratulations!! I also graduated yesterday and oh what a feeling. I am sure you will be fine for the 10k after all you have graduated from the c25k so know its within your reach. Well done and get that badge, they gave me mine within half an hour of contacting them!!

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DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to karenmac70

Hi, Well done to you too. You're right it is a great feeling to have graduated. Now, onwards and upwards to 10K!!

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Congratulations on your graduation :) And special kudos for graduating in clouds of midges - yuk!

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DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Thanks. I wasn't going to let a load of midges beat me at the last moment. Feels great to have finally graduated.

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Congratulations and good luck in your training for the 10k. You will get there :-) :-)

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DaveAngleseyGraduate in reply to alcopop

Thanks. I start my next (10K) training plan today - another, more challenging, Week 1 Run 1!!

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