week 9 run 3, done dusted finished!!!!!!

I can not believe that 9 weeks ago I could not run for 60 seconds and now I can run for 30 mins this has been an amazing experience for me and I finished while on holiday by the sea.Today I went out and had to argue with myself to finish the 30 mins and for me this is going to be the problem. I have reached my goal but I know that I need to continue to keep up my fitness levels. Am walking around with silly grin on face and very proud of myself.

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  • Wow well done. It's great to see people complete the programme it's a great inspiration for the rest of us.

  • congratulations it feels great doesnt it.

    Remember to ask JR21 for you nice green badge,makes your grin twice as wide.

  • Well done, I graduated last week so I know how good it feels.

  • Congratulations! It's reading about others great achievements that keeps me going!

  • well done :)

  • Congrats! Awesome achievement!

  • Well done thats fab!

  • congratulations. I hope to graduate early next week, just done w9r1.

  • Thank you all so much for your comments . I have always read the blogs on this site but not very often written one myself but what a community!!

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