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Week 9 - Run 3 - Done!

First post having now completed the 9 week course. I just want to say to anyone reading this who has just started or has yet to start, go for it! I would never have thought, just over 10 weeks ago, that it was possible for a man in his 40's who was never a sporty type to run for 5k never mind 5 minutes. Just work your way through the podcasts. You are in very good hands with Laura! I also found the posts on this site to be most helpful. Just booked my first 5k fun run and that's just the start. Good luck all.

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well done, I did my week 9 run 3 today as well, totally agree that this is a brilliant course. I would recommend a park run if you have one near you.


Wow! Well done! Hope you had an amazing celebration. I completely agree with how amazing this course is. I'm just about to start Week 6 and am already seeing the incredible difference in my fitness and well-being. Good luck for your fun run.


Congratulations!! Don't forget to get your Graduate badge! :)

Happy running!


Brilliant, I can't wait I have just started week 2. Have you had ups and downs or did you find it all went well?


We repeated a couple of weeks. Our friend was away on holiday so rather than progress we waited and repeated the previous week. Took us 11 weeks in all and that's the beauty of it. You go at your pace and move on when you're ready.


As the resident forum pedant, may I first of all congratulate you on graduating, and then query your 5k in 5 minutes.!!?? The British Olympic movement would like to sign you up immediately, sir. You name your price.


Thanks lol. Probably would have read better if I put "I wouldn't have been able to run for 5 minutes let alone for 5k". Make more sense?

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