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W7R2 - own music but still tough

Completed the second run of Week 7 this morning. Can't say my own music helped much, I still found the run hard. Lord only knows how I'm going to run for longer periods. I was totally ready to come back to a walk although my cool down walks are barely more than crawl these days.

I did miss Laura telling me that I only had one minute left to go. I upped the pace when I though I had one minute left but it must have been nearer two ...or three! Meant my average pace was pretty good but I was totally gasping for breath at the end and almost started walking before MapMyRun gave me the time prompt. I was beginning to think the technology had failed again. Surely those last five minutes must be up by now!

For the second two runs of week 8 (will listen to Laura for the first one) I shall have to set MapMyRun to give me updates every minute. That's going to be slightly irritating but not sure of another solution.

Another female runner smiled at me this morning. That was a first. I'm starting to feel I belong :)

One more run before week 8. Have a great Sunday, everyone :D

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Oh dear, poor you Pam. Sorry your own music didn't work for you :( Do you think maybe you are still possibly trying to run too fast? Honestly, you will build stamina and eventually be able to cope with the longer runs but what worked best for me was probably the slowest jog/slog on record. Keeping footfall gentle and close to directly under the body - really does reduce all lower body stress and meant that my breathing stabilised too. You can do this! I'm willing you onwards - fingers, toes and eyes crossed! Hope your next run is a really good and pleasing one for you. Lots of luck. Linda x


Thank you Linda. Yes, I think you are probably right and I am probably running too fast. I did consciously slow down, probably around the half way mark, but suspect I sped up again. I seem to be only able to run at the one speed!

It's great that my husband is really encouraging but he does seem to concentrate on the pace I manage. I have told him it's not all about pace but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

I will try going slower on Tuesday.

Good luck to you too, Linda. x


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