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Where's the cheering crowd then?

Well, finally finished week 9 on Thursday evening. Was disappointed to find there was no brass band and gathered throng to greet me as I staggered back down the street, but then I don't suppose I let enough people know about my world-shattering achievement.

Struggled a bit with the longer distances and I think I have actually broken the British land speed record for the slowest ever recorded "run". (Yes, my name was chosen with a certain amount of irony). I don't have any techie gadgets to tell me distance, but from the map I estimate I'm doing just under 4.5 k. I will persevere for a few more weeks, but to be honest I don't "get" running, I suppose I have come to it a bit late in life (51) but I know lots of ladies in my age group have signed up and loved it. Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE running but I definitely don't get the buzz everyone else seems to. I do feel healthier but I used to get a much bigger buzz from cycling (until I fell off and broke my ankle really badly. Put me off a bit....) Anybody else share my ambivalence but just kept going and eventually found the tedium abated over time?

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Congratulations purplestreak on completing the course, no matter what your speed, though 4.5K is pretty good by my reckoning! :D

You say you don't "get" it... that cycling was (hopefully still is) your thing... C25K will at least have helped strengthen your ankle. Why not plan a special route to relieve the tedium for your post-grad run, with music of your own choice... then decide what to do post C25K. ;-)


We're here! We're cheering! Congratulations on your graduation!

I've said this on here time and time again, so apologies for repeating myself. I don't enjoy the actual running bit. Unless I run with music, I get bored. I get too hot, I drip with sweat, I'm sure I smell, my face takes about an hour to lose the beetroot colour, my legs hurt, my heart feels like it will leap out of my chest - you get the picture, and it's not a pretty one.

However - I like the thought of running. I love the feeling of completion and satisfaction after I've stopped. I take enormous pride in having completed something sporty for almost the first time in my life. I have noticed huge health benefits. My legs, although still too fat, have a much better shape. I'll never be fast - heck, I'll probably never crack 5k in 30 minutes, and I have no ambition to push myself further for a 10k or a half-marathon, but I will carry on with this because overall I am happy with the results. I am proud to call myself a runner.

Whatever you decide to do, you have made it to graduation, and that's a great achievement. Well done :)


Toot toot, boom bang .... Hey! That's the C25K band coming over the hill - they've only just heard about your phenomenal achievement! Amazing news, well done you! Congratulations upon your graduation - hope to see your badge soon. No matter that you haven't yet found running giving you the same buzz as cycling once did, this programme is quite short and it sometimes takes time to 'sink in'. But, remain assured that you have done wonderfully well to see the programme to the end, and very soon you will realise all the health benefits of your activities! As for tedium, yes, I agree with con brio, now you know you can run, try another route, try different music, try no music, try no time or distance targets - to quote a famous sports firm's logo ... Just do it! I really hope that your newly stronger body and limbs will make you happier by either running or cycling again very soon. Cheers, Linda x :)


Congratulations!!! I'm joining in the fan fair and cheering you on in your celebrations. I know exactly what you mean about not finding the buzz and echo Anniemurph's sentiments exactly about t how it makes me feel. But the sense of achievement after and my new found improvements in my fitness keep me going. I am one run behind you and I hope that when I graduate and stay at the same distance or increase just a little then the 30 min 5k will become easier and I will actually start to enjoy it. So far for 9 weeks we have all had to push ourselves each and every time to reach our goal....well you are there now and the more you do something the easier it becomes...just think now when you think of jogging for 5 minutes how easy that bit seems and is not at all daunting.

You have achieved so much in the last few weeks but it has all been about bettering yourself each week so maybe now will come the time where you just learn to enjoy it!!! Happy running!!


I'm also here cheering, waving flags and making loads of noise! Congratulations on completing the programme. It is something to feel really proud of. I'm not sure I can say I enjoy the runs. They are a challenge and I'll need something to motivate myself after I graduate. Not sure what yet. Hope you find something too to keep you going. x


*Air punch*

Congratulations. Try signing up for a 5k race, I completed one a week after graduating. They cheer you over the finish line and call your name out as you cross. It's like a delayed party in your honour!


Well done! Parpity parp parp from me! Just finished week 7 and like you find it a bit of a bind but like the feeling when I have done it. I accidentally found myself in a park run on week 4 and my ambition is now to do one of those when I'm done!


Thanks for the fanfare guys! I'm going to work at getting up to 5k in 30 mins for another 4 weeks at least, then mix it up with cycling / running 3 times a week depending on weather (running is much easier than cycling when it's windy!). If I don't make it to 5k then I'll just stick to 30 minutes, however far it is. I'll have to find the right balance to keep it enjoyable or I'll end up getting fed up and give up. Thanks for the suggestions!


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