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W7R2 - I think I just hit the wall!!!

Well have just failed to finish W7R2 - made it to 22 mins but just couldn't find the stamina to finish tonight. Even on the treadmill my pace didn't feel right and no matter how much I tried I couldn't get enough breath .....

I think I know why it is - life has been getting in the way of my running schedule so have been trying to cram it in rather than it having its designated slot so I don't feel that I'm giving the right level of attention to it. The other reason could be that hubby and I had our first uninterrupted day off together yesterday so took our dogs out to the forest for a couple of hours so I don't suppose that constitutes a day resting - the up side is that my legs don't start to burn walking up the hills anymore though lol.

Guess I just need to try and think positively about it - I made it to 22 minutes and didn't give up at 15 like I wanted to - and if I take it easy tomorrow I should be fine on Thursday.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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Yes, I had a very similar experience with Week 7. I now think that it has something to do with the beat of the music (don't know), but W7 was hard going, W8 was easier for me.

Twenty two minutes - you were almost there! I am sure on your next run you will be able to do the twenty-five, just keep going until you can. Good for you not stopping at the 15 min mark - I have been tempted to do this too, the main thing that stops me is that I have to get home somehow and running makes the trip faster!

Good luck with your next run, hang in there!


Thanks canuckgirl, it was frustrating so be so close - especially as I have already done it twice!

On the way home from the gym I was thinking how funny it is that I view 22 mins as failure - considering that 6 weeks ago I struggled to run for 60 seconds and it took me 2 weeks to complete the first 3 runs - quite a change to the mindset.....

It just goes to show how far we have all come and I'm going to try and not beat myself up about it :o)


Yes absolutely. I have found week 7 incredibly hard - much worse than the oft dreaded week 6. I ended up quitting run 3 yesterday morning after 13 minutes but pulled it out of the bag last night to complete the the run and the week in a good way so I'm more positive about week 8 than I was. I think it's the fact that you have to do 4x 25 minute runs. After all that interval training, it's hard to perceive any kind of progress, but please keep positive and believe in the programme (which I have doubted myself at times). You will get through this. It's all about mind over matter at this point and getting as much distance under your belt as possible. Keep positive, keep at it and you'll find your breakthrough. :)


Thanks Fraz73, I have just read your post and found it reassuring to know that it 'isn't just me' :o)


Remember your comment about how youre beating yourself up about 'only' being able to run for 22mins. It is so true - think back to W1 when (if youre anything like me) the final 60 second run seemed impossible.

I've started back in to W7 as I had a crazy week at work then went away on holiday. I did managed two runs on holiday (a first) but they were quite stop / start. I have already done W7 R1 and R2 so as today I managed to run for 25 mins I am now going to give W8 a go.

Before once I had done a run I went in to the second and third runs knowing I could do it but it doesn't seem to work with the longer runs, its as if I know how much pain I'm in but I just keep talking to myself and it seemed to work.

You will be fine, in a couple of weeks you will have graduated I'm sure, keep us up to date with your progress ;-)


I managed to get through week 7, but hit the wall on the first run of week 8 on Sunday morning. Only managed 13 minutes, and could not get any further. Monday morning, my knee started hurting so have not been able to get out since. Hoping that I will be able to pick up where I left off, but am prepared to go back a week or so if needed. Good luck with your next run.


Thanks folks, you can think logically about it when you are in a slump but sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else which is why these blogs and everyone who posts on them is a great support :o)


Keep your head up, mcc65!! We all have an occassional run that just doesn't go well! My W8R2 was an absolute disaster!! You made it through 22 minutes when it was a job...just wait until it feels good and you cruise right through!! You can do this!!! Keep Running!!


You failed at nothing and that F word is not allowed here. ;-) hugs to you, get some rest and try again. Each run can have a different set of struggles, its perfectly OK to slow down or repeat runs. Do whatever it takes to keep you here, not getting overwhelmed and quitting. You can do this, look at your progress so far!


Thanks guys, I was talking to my hubby about it and he said 'keep your eyes on the goal and don't worry about how you get there' which I think was really good advice and echoes your comments so I'll try and keep that in mind from now on :o)

Thanks for your support - it really is appreciated.


Cut yourself some slack, have a rest, forget about it, and do it again. I started last November, and I'm just about to start W8.


Thanks Delores, will be taking your good advice along with everyone elses :o)


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