Redbull gives you wings - but speed makes you fly!

Well after a run free weekend and a sticky muggy Monday I thought I had better get some running done since I had not been out since Thursday - although the old legs were feeling a bit niggly so they were probably thankful of having a couple of extra rest days.

So Tuesday night was the first attempt at going beyond the C25k podcasts and my first run whilst using speed & mmmmmmm I kinda like it, the buzz you get off it is something else, that feeling of pushing hard and getting your heart going.....

And it paid off - a nice quick workout is just the thing for the busy Dad's-Taxi Tuesday nights (cubs & scouts)

Although after the 2nd interval I had to settle for walking at the 150bpm sections (I still managed to keep the pace from Laura) I just couldn't run it because I knew I wouldn't make it all the way through.

Oh and the numbers... endomondo clocked my first 1k at 00:05:18, 1mile at 00:08:56 & average pace of 00:05:42, which are all best times so far, but I know that for my distance work I definitely need to keep a tight reign and control my pace at the start.....

Happy Running

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  • Well done Matthew! Also I will expect good subject titles to all of your blog posts from now on!

  • Thanks and I quite like thinking up something appropriate which also sums up my mood during the run too.

  • If you liked that, you'd love Audiofuel and my silky steve...great beats. Ive been listening to him all day in the car ( I know.Im so sad). Your stats are great, thats going to really help get down your PB on a 5K. Its hard on long runs to reign it in, but it does pay off as you can really go for longer

  • Yes just been looking at their pyramid sessions look quite good... Which ones did you go for in the end?

  • I do the first 2 hours for women ... It's around 150 to 160 BPM and I can't wait to get to the bit where silky Steve says... An hour and a half you are officially in the long run zone ( I've listened to the whole thing driving) I just so want to be in that zone and get the feeling ( if you know what I mean??). I'm a bit passionate about my running can you tell?! I would get the one for men, perhaps you get a nice woman rather than Steve??

  • 2 hours though ..... You got to be kidding....

    Although I think I found the zone during w9r2 just felt that everything fell into place and clicked - every km was within 5 seconds so just shows I can get consistent laps, just need to get the distances up.

  • It's just the best when you get in the zone, just feels amazing and free. You will get the distances up no probs

  • I just find that the whole running thing now just gives that whole happy feeling... Have got 3 weeks of steady then 11 weeks of training to get me to 10k or 60 mins..

  • I think you could easily do it quicker than that, but could your spreadsheet cope?

  • You've not seen my spreadsheeting skills .... Its more my legs not coping and I need to build up the stamina too.

  • That's in your head of course you can do it

    I am in awe of your spreadsheeting skills. I can do a good list but a good spreadsheet or project plan is something else

  • I hope I can, but try telling my legs that...

    So I best not tell you that there is now 3 charts too & I probably could convert it into a list of interdependent milestones and a fees key elements to put on the risk log too.

  • Too hardcore for me..!

  • Hang on you can run in rain and wantonly kill innocent snails and force you boy out to run for mile after mile .... And you think spreadsheets are hardcore.

  • Not wantonly they were in the way... There were thousands of them everywhere.

    And yes I do.. Very.

    I'm a nurse, I do people.

  • I ran Speed this week too - while my younger daughter was at Brownies. It's obviously just the right length for fitting in between dropping off and collecting! ;)

    The idea of a two-hour run is nothign short of impossible to me. I can cope with 30 mins (usually). I'm still toying with the idea of working up to 10k, but thinking about running for more than an hour and a bit? Noooooooooo! ;)

  • Yes I think speed is now the run of choice for when I am short on time... And am like you thinking two flipping hours .... Two hours , someone is having a laugh.

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