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Mixed feelings

W7R2 - and it went really well. Actually ran round some country roads instead of across fields and the more even surface meant less leg ache. I ran just over 4k instead of my usual 3.5, and a faster than usual pace so got home feeling pretty pleased with myself. No sooner had I got home than I receive a phone call with some sad family news so my elation didn't last :-( But at least the running is going well.

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Oh dear; so sorry about the news..but.. maybe your run will help soothe your soul a little. :)

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Which (the running) will help with the sad news; sorry to hear that. All the best.


Sorry to hear that something happened:( but congratulations on the run. I did already 3 runs from week 7 but because it's just Thursday I feel I should go again :)


So sorry for your sad news but congrats on the run.


I am sorry about the family news and well done on your running progress :)


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