Mixed feelings

Today should have been the first run of week 7, but after successfully running 28 minutes on Friday, I thought I'd go straight on to week 8 and run 28 minutes again. My legs however had other ideas.

The first 5 minutes of my route is a gentle incline (very gentle) but then I turned left and went up a proper hill. That's where I went wrong. I'd managed it before, on the walk/run sessions, so I was determined to do it this time. And I did, but it was VERY hard work. After that is a long gentle (very gentle) descent before another half a mile of gentle incline. I made it to 25 minutes, but then my legs stopped cooperating and I found I was walking! I walked for a minute then ran another 3 minutes until I reached the 2 mile mark.

So, a mixed result. I achieved what I should achieve in week 7, but not what I set out to achieve, hence the mixed feelings. I finished the session with a rather enjoyable phone call with BigEd, so not all bad ;-)


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12 Replies

  • Hi EGS, i loved talking to you today. Your run/walk is still a great achievement so don't feel too bad. Like i said, you could just sat on the sofa and done nothing so you should be very proud of your run today. Please keep up the good work, you are a great source of inspiration to me and keep me going. Love you EGS x x

  • Thanks Ed, Love you too x x

  • You ran for 28 minutes and included a hill plus two inclines. Sounds impressive to me for a week 7 day 1 run. :)

  • Thanks Greenlegs. When you put it like that it sound pretty good :-) x

  • That's cos it *is* pretty damn good. :)

  • You did well ...I'm on week 7 but can only just do the 25 minutes and only if no hills involved ... so congrats on your hills and times :)

  • Thanks amsjo. I just realised we are relatively near to each other. I' just north of Tewkesbury.

  • I'm Cheltenham based ... so yes we are near ;) Perhaps we might meet at the parkrun in Pitville park ...once I reach that level.

    And if I ever see a jogger north of Tewkesbury I will peep my horn :)

  • I intend Parkrunning once I'm confident enough. I'll get in touch if I do :-)

  • Hiya! You're comment about your legs not cooperating struck a chord-it wasn't just my pair today then?!!

    Can't believe you've mixed emotions at your run! You RAN for 28 MINUTES???? Including a monster hill? EGS- I'd be in the pub enjoying a glass (bottle) of vino if I'd done that!!

    Bask in glory and get back out there soon. You're nearly there!

    Ali :-)

  • Thanks Ali, you're very kind :-)

  • Yes come on Sian you are doing great! Take pleasure in your achievements and that you are motivating others to keep going. Having Ed for support will get you there I'm sure. I really look forward to reading your graduation blog!

    Jems x

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