Week 9 completed !

After a false start around Xmas, I've now completed Week 9 without any fails, and ready to graduate.

Really didn't think I could complete this course, having never really ran and definitely not for 30 minutes non-stop. I'd recommend this course to anyone - its definitely achievable :-)

Now to lose the rest of the weight that I need to lose, and definitely going to use running as the catalyst for doing this.

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  • Massive congratulations :)

  • Well done....not far behind you and I can't wait!!! Happy running!!

  • Good luck, you'll do it. I have run so far on a treadmill, need to get outdoors but when I tried it 6 weeks ago knees hurt !

    Much fitter now though and the cold weather has just about gone.

    My advice to complete this is to really relax before each run :-)

  • Thank you I find it far too hard to run on the treadmill even the hills outside seem easier than that!! I have two runs left of week 9 one of which is tonight and the wet weather is back but I actually find it easier running in the snow, sleet, wind and rain than in the heat lol. Now I know I can run for the 30 minutes these last two runs don't seem to be so daunting but I do hope to finish 5k in that time too but if I don't then it's not the end of the world!!

  • Congratulations and well done! Sooooo many people graduating at this time - amazingly excellent news :D

    Hoping to join the grad parade tomorrow, and then I will continue to aim for the elusive 5k and hopefully some weight loss too. Cheers Linda x :)

  • Good luck, just relax and youll be fine

  • From my perspective, though it sounds silly now, weeks 1 to 4 were the hardest. Once you get past there, I think you realise that a lot of it is psychological, not physical.

  • Congratulations :). You've done well!

  • Look! You have your badge already! Woo hoo!! :)

    Congratulations and very well done! Welcome to the Grad Club!!


  • Thx :-)

  • Well done. I can't wait to get my badge, I do my last run this weekend. :-)

  • My tip is just to relax, oh and eat a banana an hour beforehand

  • I've eaten a banana about 40 mins before I go jogging ever since I started this programme. It is banana power. :-D

  • Cool, got my badge. Yippee :-)

  • Congratulations... and just look at that badge! Well done. :D

  • Congratulations on weeks of hard work! Enjoy the glow of your lovely badge. :)

    Keep on running!

  • Will definitely keep running, need to get faster and get outside !

  • Well done! Feels great, doesn't it? :)

  • It does, never thought I'd complete it, especially after restarting from week 5 a month ago. Next challenge to run faster and to run outside (all on a treadmill so far)


  • Congratulations on your graduation - a fantastic achievement :)

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