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Post graduation letter

Dear Laura,

When we first met I was unsure how our relationship would develop. Over the past nine weeks we have been through pain, tears and joy. You have always been there for me I could not have asked for a better companion.

But nine weeks is a long time together and I need some space to find myself, so as hard as this is to say, I need to run on my own for a while and listen to my own music and see how I do. it's not you it's me and I don't want you to feel that I am leaving you, but I have to do this.

I sincerely hope that we can still be friends still and I promise that as soon as I have got this out of my system I will come back to you and we can be together again on 5K+.

If it makes you feel a bit better I ran 6K today as I wanted to run for an extra five minutes or so.

Yours always


HaHa, sorry all, just a bit of fun :-) :-)

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Love it!! Many an ode, poem and song have been dedicated to dear Laura over time; I hope she reads them all! ;) It's good fun to go out on your own so enjoy! She is always there though if you need her....!



While I was walking in Edinburgh last night, a young lady ran past me (in the opposite direction so I saw her face). " I know you - you're Laura, aren't you?"

I didn't actually speak to her - she absolutely looked like our coach, but I can imagine the reply ... "Laura who?"


Oh Alcopop that's funny, so heartfelt. I know exactly what you mean. Though I still just can't let her go. X


:D Brilliant! :D


Great! I know what you mean. But like Sue says, she's always there if you need her!


I loved that, alcopop! Very funny. :)


Really good, alcopop. I abandoned her too today. But she's plenty of new friends, I don't think she'll mind. :-)

Happy running (with or without Laura).


Love it!! I'm sure that will being a tear to her eye!!


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