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Graduation!!! But what now?

I'm very happy to say today I did my final C25K week 9 run, It's taken longer than 9 weeks mainly due to holidays but I made it! The only odd thing I also feel a bit deflated now it's over. I guess I need external motivation so might try the C25K+ - but is the music as bad as C25k? I must confess I deserted Laura for the last couple of weeks to use my own music. I've no plans to run a marathon or even half, and I can't spare much more time as my kids have very busy after-school agendas, I just wanted to be fitter. What did you guys do after graduation?

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I had already signed up for a 5k race that was about a month after graduation. So I started throwing in a shorter faster run once a week. My route was about 20 minutes and I'd do fartleks and vary my speed as I felt like it. Made me a lot faster. Then winter hit and fast runs weren't great on ice so I worked on distance, increasing one run 10% a week.

It's really dependent on what you enjoy and what you want to improve. I'd definitely recommend a timed event though - parkrun if you have them, a fun run if you don't.


I had a 5K run planned and have now done a couple of them and a couple of Parkruns.

I'm using a combination of the post C25K podcasts with Laura (yes the music is bad), zombie runs, a bit of just doing what I feel like and today for the first time I used the first of a Bridge to 10K podcast.

I've found I like the structure of having someone tell me what to do, but just now and again it's nice just to run with no music or podcast or other outside interferences.

I have another 5K run planned in August & my sister & I are planning on doing a different parkrun together once a month if we can (we live about 60 miles away from each other so not always easy).

I guess it depends if you have a specific goal or just want to keep running to keep you fit.

I have 2 goals: 1. To achieve a sub 40 mins 5K & 2) To run a 10K - the 2nd one I don't have a time frame for but want to be ready by next year to do my first organised 10K.

Whatever you do, remember to enjoy it and have fun :-)

Good luck :-)


Firstly congratulations on graduating I am surprised you are deflated I was on a high when I graduated ! My main aim is just to keep running 3 times a week to maintain the fitness I have worked so hard to achieve. My next aim is to get a bit faster but that will come with time. Lastly I am hoping to do a Park Run every Saturday and started that today !! :)


congratulations on graduating :D really well done .. try consolidating by just running for the 30 mins 3 x a week before deciding on anything, there is just so much you can do or not , take some time to just enjoy being out running :D


Thanks all. I think my next aim is to get up to actually doing 5k, at the minute my treadmill says I'm doing about 4km in the 30 minutes so maybe I'll try build on that. I'm also going to get off the treadmill and outside more now, just not looking forward to being out in public tomato red and sweaty! I get up at 6am to leave for work at 7 so an earlier start to allow early morning runs would have to be 5am which I don't think I can face. Maybe I'll follow Slow_Rob's advice and consolidate the 3x 30mins next week and then work up from there?


First of all, well done and congratulations on your graduation day.

There is no compulsion to do anything different from here if it doesn't float your boat. Some of us like the challenge of a goal to work towards but others prefer to just go out and run. It might be an idea to just go and run for a while and see whether that floats your boat. If you feel that you need the structure and/or a goal to work towards then there is lots you can do depending on whether you want to run further, faster etc.


keep running is the big thing - three times a week.

I had three goals - run 5k under 30, do a 5k and enjoy it and not be wrecked afterwards, and do a 10k. They are all technically done now, but I changed it around and now I want to enjoy a 10k. Seems I enjoy running further rather than faster at the moment.

Do a few 30 minute runs and see what you want. There's the different post c25k podcasts and they may help, or just decide on something and do it.


Congratulations! What to do next? Just keep enjoying it.


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