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Post-graduation running questions

Hi All, so I love my running and I am slowly building up my running time; I can now do 30-35mins in one go (depends on the day lol), still at a similar pace and should be on track to get to my first goal of running 5km consistently in under 40mins pretty soon. I am learning to run to my own music, the garmin helps but I must admit that I sometimes feel a little bereft about the lack of Laura. I have to main questions:

1) Do you always do the 5mins walk at the beginning and end of the program? My experienced running friends don't walk to warm up and tbh, I find that even with the walk, it takes me up to 2km to settle into a comfortable rhythm. During the programme, I think the walking is essential but could I slowly phase this out?

2) I'm cold oh so darn cold! When I run I'm fine, I wrap up sensibly for the weather and am nice and comfortable but about 1 to 2hrs after running I turn into and ice berg!! Right now, I have so many layers on it's ridiculous and my hands and feet feel like blocks of ice. I have tried everything, hot shower after running, drinking water to hydrate, even eating a bit (even though I never seem to be hungry after running) and it's getting really annoying!!! I can put up with it but was wondering if anyone can explain to me what is actually going on with my body and ideas for how to minimise it?

Cheers :)

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If you miss Laura, try some of the post C25K podcasts - lots of us have found them very helpful.

1. I do some "dynamic stretches" before leaving the house (sorry, I can't remember where I got them) - I'm sure my mother would make some comment about the ministry of silly walks were she to see me - and then a 2-3 minute walk before I start running. When I finish I walk for about 2-3 minutes - or more if I've done the speed podcast because I do that on a nice flat stretch and it's more like 7 minutes to get back up to my house from there! Once back in the privacy of my house I do some stretches. I don't know if I'd advise following my pattern - but I've managed to stay injury free so far.

2. Someone asked this question not long ago so if you try a search at the top of the page you may find some answers. I'd try a hot drink within about an hour of getting back and make sure you put layers on when you stop running even if you feel warm at that point. I have the same problem with not feeling hungry after a run but I can "force" myself to eat if I plan ahead (I'm not trying to lose any weight). Try soup or a casserole or some other winter comfort food.


Hi RNB, thank you for the tips! I can't seem to find the post when I search but will hopefully spot it in a bit. I did find a really useful article from a researcher at Ottawa University and I'm going to try hot shower, layers and a hot drink. I am now toasty warm btw - only took 2 hours LOL


Hi P1glet1

I find I am too cold to run easily if I only walk for 5 mins at the start and will often try and do 10mins first. Laura's walking pace is quite brisk but it still takes me a while to warm up!

I do 5 mins walking at the end if I can but have been trying to do stretching exercises when i get in as well. I don't find it easy working out what exercises are good, just by looking at pictures. Perhaps we could ask NHS to add exercises to the end of the podcasts?

I also get v cold when i get back from running. This week I made sure I put warm clothes on as soon as i got home and I had a hot meal. That helped.


Here's the previous post on the subject p1glet - I was able to find it because I know I replied to it because I have the same issue!


Lemondoodle to the rescue! Thank you xx


I hate to waste an underpants on the outside day :D


For shame! :O


Maybe trying a very slow jog instead of a walk would help get you warm quicker. I now jog to warm up rather than walk (having done a bit of yoga/stretches at home first).


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