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Finally completed W4 yesterday after numinous weeks of stop-start due to crappy weather and long working hours.

All excuses aside the last week of runs has been brilliant. Even while being tired at the last 5 minute run during W4 I have managed to push on through without completey exhausting myself.

I start W5R1 tomorrow and I think it will be manageable in all fairness. The sunshine and my halfway point enthusiasm is definitely pushing me to join a 5k race in maybe June or July- is that achievable? Obviously not looking 'compete' but just to complete :)

I really want to try a bigger London park out for my runs as I never got around to it, but my new tactic is catching the tube half way home and then running the rest. That way I don't have to get in, get changed and head back out. I definitely seem to struggle with this after 8 or so hours in work.

Any tips for progressing onto W5 will be appreciated!

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Well done you x love the way you fit your runs in after work!


It is good to set goals, just set small ones at a time. A 5K run is achievable as long as you follow the program. Week 5 is a good week as it pushes you a little bit more and as you are on track (could not resist sorry) to complete by mid june, there is no reason why you should not join in one.

May look at 'Park Run' if you have a local one. parkrun.com

Good luck. :-)

Thanks justmole, I've only just started doing it but find it quite effective and it seems a lot of people in London seem to do it. Yes I have heard shiz' get's serious (or more so) in week 5, I feel more excited than daunted at the moment, however this will change amidst actually running it tomorrow haha!

Thanks for the info, I check and there's a weekly Park Run near me so maybe i'll aim for that in June or start taking part as I near the end of C25K as it's free and not so much a formal run- correct me if i'm wrong?


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