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I am a runner too :D

Managed the full 25 minutes for W6R3. I can hardly believe it. It was tough and I had moments where I really wanted to give up, especially early on. I had thoughts such as "why am I doing this", "what's the point", "I could be at home with a G&T with my husband, that's what he's doing right now".

But I kept on plodding. Thought it was quite still out but going in a particular direction I found the headwind quite off-putting so changed direction as soon as I could. Couldn't avoid it at times but did what I could to keep out of it.

Mapmyrun let me down tonight for the first time. I'd already completed by 5 minute warm up walk and Laura had told me I'd run for 5 minutes when MMR said I'd completed 5 minutes and covered 0.7 miles. I don't think so somehow. I'm not the bionic woman. So a bit disappointed with the stats tonight because of that. I can only assume that it lost the signal or something tonight. Weird.

Also finding I have to shower now after my runs. Ran out of energy before I broke out into a sweat in the earlier runs but no more!

Onwards to Week 7!

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Brilliant x


Fantastic, well done you , its hard isn't it!!! I never thought I would manage it, but you find reserves of energy you never thought you had, you are nearly there XX


Congratulation on completing week 6, you'll love the last three weeks of non stop running. Enjoy :D


Well done, runner Pam! :)

I know that 'what am I doing this for?' feeling - i don't get it with every run, but I did have it for the first half of my long run today, but when I'd stopped, and realised that I had actually run 7 km - me - run 7 km!!! I could see what it was for, and that it was worth the effort. I still feel good for it too! :)


Week SIX and now you are showering?!

My goodness - from the outset I wasn't fit for anything until I'd showered - it's part of the recovery process !




Well done!! Am two runs behind you, its great to hear the successes, makes me believe its possible!


Thank you :D

CaveBear - I guess I'm probably a tad lazy but I've never been one to break into a sweat much. Probably says something about my lack of exercise!


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