I am a runner too :D

Managed the full 25 minutes for W6R3. I can hardly believe it. It was tough and I had moments where I really wanted to give up, especially early on. I had thoughts such as "why am I doing this", "what's the point", "I could be at home with a G&T with my husband, that's what he's doing right now".

But I kept on plodding. Thought it was quite still out but going in a particular direction I found the headwind quite off-putting so changed direction as soon as I could. Couldn't avoid it at times but did what I could to keep out of it.

Mapmyrun let me down tonight for the first time. I'd already completed by 5 minute warm up walk and Laura had told me I'd run for 5 minutes when MMR said I'd completed 5 minutes and covered 0.7 miles. I don't think so somehow. I'm not the bionic woman. So a bit disappointed with the stats tonight because of that. I can only assume that it lost the signal or something tonight. Weird.

Also finding I have to shower now after my runs. Ran out of energy before I broke out into a sweat in the earlier runs but no more!

Onwards to Week 7!

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  • Brilliant x

  • Fantastic, well done you , its hard isn't it!!! I never thought I would manage it, but you find reserves of energy you never thought you had, you are nearly there XX

  • Congratulation on completing week 6, you'll love the last three weeks of non stop running. Enjoy :D

  • Well done, runner Pam! :)

    I know that 'what am I doing this for?' feeling - i don't get it with every run, but I did have it for the first half of my long run today, but when I'd stopped, and realised that I had actually run 7 km - me - run 7 km!!! I could see what it was for, and that it was worth the effort. I still feel good for it too! :)

  • Week SIX and now you are showering?!

    My goodness - from the outset I wasn't fit for anything until I'd showered - it's part of the recovery process !



  • Well done!! Am two runs behind you, its great to hear the successes, makes me believe its possible!

  • Thank you :D

    CaveBear - I guess I'm probably a tad lazy but I've never been one to break into a sweat much. Probably says something about my lack of exercise!

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