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Am I a runner? - not sure!


This is going to sound a bit trivial, but I'm not sure whether I need to do W6R3 again. I managed to get to the end, and ran for all of it apart from about 30 seconds when I slowed to walking so I could have a drink, thought about stopping but then carried on. Then got to the bit where Laura says 'you're definitely a runner now' and felt a bit guilty and as though I'd cheated (which is completely irrational). I'm not sure whether I should just push on, as the W7 runs are 25 minutes too (so not that different), or whether they are different in terms of intensity and I need to really do the 25 minutes with no interruptions. Sorry if I sound a little obsessive about it all.

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I'm no expert but I think you should move on to W7.


Just push on! You are doing fine so don't worry about the few seconds taken to swig your drink. It's great when she tells you that you are a runner! What a moment! I bet you felt fantastic!

Don't worry about the details of week 7, or 8 or 9 for that matter. Just do what Laura says and she will get you round. All you have to do is finish the run.

Enjoy this time as it will soon be over. Make the most of it while you're out there. Happy running


Go for it! Enjoy week 7!


Thank you everyone - I guess it's onwards and upwards to week 7 then!


Your a runner, please pass go !!

I wouldnt worry about the few seconds to have a drink. I didn't technically complete a couple of runs but moved on fine.

I would suggest move on to week 7 and if it feels too much then just do another couple of week 6 runs.

Oh and do you realise you ran for more than 20 minutes? Could you do that at the start! Give yourself a pat on the back cause you are awesome.


What GJ said - you're a runner... I think we all must have stopped every now and then to tie the laces, cross the street, avoid protective geese blocking the path (yes, it happened) and occasionally have sped up to avoid said geese (protective they are of their young)... :)


Yes, I'd say there's a difference between a 'need to do something' and a 'can't keep running'.


I think you worry too much! You're doing really well so just press on with week 7. Of course you are a runner now.


You are most definitely a runner!

Whats 30 seconds between friends? :-)


I would agree with everyone, go onto week 7 and celebrate the fact you are a runner!!


Thank you everyone - I'll press on then. Just my obsessive perfectionistic gremlin rearing it's ugly head. Aussie - I would love some protective geese to protect me on my run! ;)

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