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Flare Up

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I'm having another flare up its been going on for over a week i have had steroids There is no chest infection.It's just i cant bloody breathe.My peak flow has gone from 360 to 280 i am taking ventolin 4 x daily seratide 2 x daily braltus 1 x daily.Azithromycin 3 x a week

But frighteningly it seems to be getting worse

No Covid symtoms though just so you know

Any ideas as at the moment its difficult to see a doctor and with the pandemic and the last place i want to be is at a hospital

2 Replies
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Hi DanceQueen I know what you mean. At the beginning of January my breathing got a lot worse than normal. On advice from my doctor (over the phone) I took a 10 day course of both Amoxicilin and prednisolone. They didn’t seem to help. I spoke to my doctor again last evening she seems to think it is a worsening of my emphysema as she says I’m on the maximum medication. One thing I have found is with the very dry cold weather the humidity has been very low and I believe this is affecting my breathing. I know the weather does affect my condition so I can’t wait for spring and hopefully some relief. I’m sorry this isn’t much help to you but I hope it helps knowing you are not alone. I do what I can and I try not to worry about what I can’t do. Take care and stay safe Barbs x

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DanceQueen in reply to barbs47

thanks so much for getting back to me ...the weather affects me too if its to cold or to hot or foggy etc etc.....i think attitude helps as at the moment i'm feeling low so my fight instinct isn't there much...once i stand up and face it its better but when i think oh i feel dreadful this will never go i feel like giving up......thanks barbs x

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