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Can I have some advice please

My main fear at the moment is being 44 and stage 3 so I'm scared that there's not much room left for me before stage 4 I am planning to get more exercise daily as soon as I'm over this virus as worn out just now I've found everyone's comments reassuring and positive I just can't shake the thought that I don't have far to go before stage 4 I'm sorry if this sounds like self pity just still at the stage where I'm trying to sort it in my head so I can get on with things, any comments are welcome and much appreciated.

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Hello, It's me again. I've been at stage 3 for several years now with a lung capacity reading of 24%. I noticed I do better if I have kept up with my walking (used to do 1 mile at least) and anything else I can do. There was a time when I would think about not being around and all but, you have got to stop thinking negatives. Negative self talk or in this case thinking drags people down. Tell yourself there is hope and I am working toward better lung function. what we have they say can't be cured. I say, what if. If you are so congested you can't sleep in bed then sleep in a comfy chair. Drink a lot of water each day, helps move everything. Try to get your mind off of it by reading, or watching an up lifting movie. I also have a strong faith and I it keeps me going too.Hope you will feel better...stay positive!

I was told by my Doctor I will never get off of oxygen not a happy thought, but I want to go home to heaven soon but it seem God wants me here?

Sorry I don't check in more often. You needed support right away. I been on oxygen 24/7 for 5 yrs. I fought it at first. But I sure felt better having enough in my body. Our organs MUST have enough or they fail.

Many times I've wanted to just stop the world and jump off. Then something happens that makes me happy to be here. I was 61 years old the 26th. I'd was/am in hospital due to bronchitis and flu.

But was still quite happy to be here. My grandgirls came to see me. There will be good days ahead for you too.

sandra,about 5 years ago i had bad copd but still worked about 60 hrs week.Everytime i gotsick another trip yo hosp and cond would be worse,told wife if i get put on oxyjen im done.In 2014 twolong trips to hospital .Second trip endef up being put on ssi and losing job also put on oxyjen.This is 2017 now go in stores go every where withit.Lost a lot but at least imdoing things,My copd s been bad for while but still here.Take meds and ox and we will be aound for

I get where you are coming from, I'm 54 and raising 3 grandkids, with stage 4, but that doesn't mean very little time. Just keep moving as much as possible.

I am SO proud of you for stepping up to be there for your kiddos. I raised 2 for 7 yrs until COPD got too severe. In 2012, I had 5 hospitalizations. I knew it was time to let go. Hardest thing I ever did. But they are nearby with family and are happy.

I've been stage 4 since about that time. You'll know when it's enough. Kids deserve a healthy family if possible.

They are blessed to have you.

Luckily I also have my grown daughter,their aunt, living with us so what I can't do she can. And when I go she'll finish raising them

That is in no way shape or form a death sentence. As long as you listen to your Dr. And exercise, eat right and don't smoke. You can live many many years. Doing right helps slow this down, maybe even stop where your at for 15-20yrs. I've seen many posts on here with ppl living that long even with stage 4 like me. In only 54 and I'm scared too, your not alone. But live!! Do whatever you can and want. I wish you all the luck in the world. Saying a prayer for you💜

Good morning, if I were you, I would forget about stages and just live as best you can each day. Each day , for me, is different. Can have several good days in a row, even my IBS behaves then the next few days maybe not so good. So, who can say anything about stages then. Think doctors should be careful about stages, even they don't know how different each day is. Forget stages and thank God you woke up and get to do it all over again.God Bless, and wishing you easy breathing days.

i was alittle over 50 when i fou d out.Wasmi!d for awhile then started getting pnemonia couple times a yearfor awhile and shot up to sevre in no time.Quit smoking 8 plus years ago helpes but too late..started going to U of Penn for lung transplant found cancer ,killed tbat.On disability since2014 put on oxyjen.Doing things hard now but as long as im careful ill keep going..Ratings like severe mild,34 are a way of breaking condition down but lot up to you.

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