UPDATE: N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) LOVE! :)

Hi friends!

Update on my purchase and use of NAC. ( I have to put this here: I am NOT giving ANY medical advice on this product, (only my personal opinion, and experience).... nor am I a medical Dr., you should ask your Dr. about this product, before taking it).

Personally, I can't say enough good things about this supplement. I have not had a huge problem with mucous, however, what l I do have, comes up, and out... SO much easier now. :) It is thinner...not the usual thick gunk.

I hate the word snot, but guess that's kinda' sorta' what it is...or fairly close. ??? :o (had to smile just now). I'm a tad bit crazy sometimes, but it helps to be a little nutty when you have copd. I call it "crap on Phyllis day.' (everyday). Funny...yet not.

Anyway, if you haven't tried it, ask your Dr. It just might help you all. I can't believe the difference. I no longer have to hack and hack to get the stuff out, I just kind of do a couple of little coughs....(.barely), and out it comes. It's more of a watery consistency now...with a slightly salty taste.....definitely not thick or gross tasting. I'm serious! This stuff is amazing.

Okay....and so.... alrighty then. So much for the snot topic. lol

Just passing on what I've noticed myself, and the good benefits that I see from it. I do believe it may keep me out of the hospital if I take it on a daily basis. I intend to do just that. I only take one 600 mg capsule daily. I purchased mine on Amazon.com for a very reasonable price. I'd pay more if I had to. It's worth a try my friends!!

Big hugs from me to all of you. May the heavens' bless us beyond measure, and may the icy cold wind, always, be at out backs. (My favorite Indian quote). :)

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  • I haven't heard Meszi, but I will look into it. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to check right now darlin.'


  • Ha. Graphically helpful. You do indeed bring fun to our situation. Got to. Good for the spirit and heart. Thanks.

  • Glad you've found something to clear your mucus. I had a read of Wikipedia and found out that t he World Health Organisation list this as a necessary drug. Loosening of mucus is only one of its uses clearly a bit off a wonder drug.

  • I have been taking for quite awhile helps a lot with less flare-ups I attribute NAC and Daliresp for my 17 months out of the hospital. I have only had to take antibiotics twice this year and only as a precaution. Glad you found out about it.

  • I took 1000mg of NAC a day for five years prior to transplant. I feel it assisted in slowing the decline of my lung function during that period, thus giving me a few extra years. It helps with many different symptoms, but definitely would clear mucus, and I would even have lengthy periods of time that I would not have a cough. My pulmonologist put me on the 1000mg dosage. Check with your doctor and give it a try. As phyllis_liberty says, I think you will be pleased with the results.

  • I've just ordered some, thanks for the info. I found it on Ebay. I'm in the UK

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