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Introvenous vitamin C


Diagnosed 4 years ago with stage 3 COPD, 50% capacity, now 47%. I take Incruse Elipta I walk 7 k a day total, 1 1/ 2 k straight up a steep mountain road. I feel pretty good, a little breathless if I go too fast.

I have now had two sessions of introvenous vitamen C. 2 little bottles once a week for 4 weeks, 4 months a part. I have more energy and have not had any cold or infection for 8 months. This has been during our rainy season when everyone gets sick. I live in Costa Rica. I intend to continue with vitamin C treatments 3 times a year.

I haven’t read about this treatment for COPD and wonder if anyone else has tried it. A doctor MD who does Homeopathy on the side recommended it.

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Never heard of IV vitamin C. What is the benefit over swallowing large dosages?

CRPilar in reply to Schmicter

You cannot ingest large amounts of vitamin C or you will get diarrhea. Introvenous has to be the method. Energy, fewer aches and pains and stronger immune system is what I have read. My experience is higher energy and no respiratory illness .

im on 50% and just been put on incruise elipta 55.

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