My father has a lung function of 47% what can I expect? Will he last a few years?

I'm new to COPD my 62 year old father was recently told he has a lung function of 47% is that the same as Fev1? Also, if I can get him to quit smoking does he still have a few years ahead of him? He currently has no issues breathing. He doesn't get out of breath while moving at all. He can walk around all day with out being out of breath or on oxygen. He has had this condition for 4 yrs that I know. But he would never stop smoking he smoked around 3 packs/day. Only last month did a Dr. prescribe medication for him. He is attempting to stop smoking. In the last 2weeks since seeing the Dr. he has cut back from 3 packs/day to a 1/2 a pack/day. He is attempting to quit all together. If he quits all together and takes the medicine prescribed is there a chance his lung function may improve some since his lungs won't be as inflamed? Also, has anyone ever heard of a person with 47% lung function lasting a few years?

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  • 47 isn't bad. Mine is 25 and I only use oxygen as needed. I would say he is doing well and is no where near dying from COPD anyway.

  • I'm not a Dr. But what they say is what u get quit ,I quit by not buying them I just would not give in ,smoking and living and industrial life style caused my problems my jobs were often dirty and dusty and they cause problems but not right away I'm 63 now and feeling all my injuries and surgeries and now the copd ,I also suffer from A-fib an heart rhythm problem which also causes sob. Lungs and heart work very close together and when one is affected the other follows usually ,your father's lung problem isn't something that can be regenerated he in one way or another will have a health issue ,just quiting smoking isn't all he has to do its a long road to a healthy life style ,41% will improve if he quits smoking but don't expect a big change he has a serious health issue now and it's a progressive illness meaning even if he quits smoking it won't stop the cancer , he must get with a cancer Dr. Also I was told through the spin test that my lungs are of a 84 year old I have a long way to go to get better if that happens I quit smoking two and a half years ago had to don't wait that long ,I hope things work out for u ,

  • 47% would be a godsend for me. I could probably go jogging! I am at 25%, on oxygen 24/7, but pretty much still do whatever I really put my mind to do. I have good days and bad days. The main thing to do is keep moving and exercise. The more you do, the more you can do. Also, it is important to stay well. My function declines each time I am admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Get the flu and pneumonia vaccines.

  • When I got out of hospital 3 yrs ago my lungs function was 33%of expected so yeah if he quits and gets right mess he should

  • It's so hard trying to get him to quit we argue constantly. He says smoking is his only enjoyment. I leave for work he goes and buys more. It's down from 3 packs/day to a little less than 1 pack/day. Any advice on how to get him to quit?

  • I went into the hospital and woke up and couldnt' breathe. easy to quit that way! I found sucking down poisions, stinking breath, dental problems, expense are not really's being ADDICTED. sorry if I sound mean but you got to get tough w/ this , I have had 3 relatives die by aphixation because they would not put donw the butts!

  • I am 65 years old. I quit smoking 10 years ago because I could no longer breathe. I moved to sea level and do pulmonary rehab which saved my life. If you want your dad to be around for more than 2-3 years he needs to kick the butts to the curb. Good chance of a normal lifetime if he stops smoking, gets his meds under control, takes his oxygen, eats right and exercises. His choice. He may be able to breathe now but if he keeps smoking he's going to choke out eventually. sorry....there was a time i would have rather smoked than breathe. Now I am a real bitch to people that smoke and poision the air I am struggeling to breathe. Most stay away as they feel the oxygen canula up my nose may be contageous...good luck!

    oh yeah I only have 30% lung function now. Worked around chemicals and asbestos my whole life as well as 50 yr smoker.

  • Well he hasn't smoked since my last post so it's been about 3 weeks. I was wondering when you quit did you have more coughing fits when you stopped. He rarely coughed when smoking now that he has stopped he coughs like crazy some nights.

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