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A wee drink i found after exercise to help my COPD and mucous


Since having COPD diagnosed 24 months ago i was already 3 months of the cigarettes before the diagnosis which now means i am 27 month smoke free. Since that time i have attempted to live a fitter life and it is only now coming together, anyone who thinks two years quit, is fantastic, it is for your health but the slog to reach it was laden with all sorts of difficulties.

What i found staright away was your breathing becomes difficult as the airways IMO are not been openeed the way cigarettes used to open them and the cilla that they state in the literature has a field day with the gunge it removes to the stage where it almost drives you insane, maybe thats why we get depressed when we quit and especially with an illness into the bargain.

Anyway what i want to share is i ahve been making myself a drink with simple ingredients and straight after i do a wee bit of what i was taught in plumonary rehab, i push myself that wee bit harder. Anyway the drink i prepared is half teaspoon cinamon and 3 quarter teaspoon ginger i add juice form 1 lemon and 2 teaspoons of hone to 500ml half hot and cold fresh water, when i exhaust myself within safe boundary, my limit for push, i drink it starigh as it cool enough, i found after couple of days of doing this my breathing was freer, although i was feeling hot chest from the cinamon and ginger. i thought i would share this as it is natural ingredients and hope it helps someone. it breaks up mucous also.

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Thank you so much for the recipe. I think an enjoyable toddy as well. I have a bit if difficulty with ginger in tea bag not used fresh in cooking. I'll try yours with fresh ginger &:cinnamon stick.

Thank you. May I ask when you say you push yourself to a safe level,,,what do they consider safe & how do you know when you push OVER that level?

I push myself hard due to my logistics & lifestyle living remote

Thank you

Enjoy the day

Boab in reply to H2o1511

Hi i judge with breathing when you begin the exercise say a squat, judge your breathing on each one if you rise and feel your breathing a litte on the the heavy stop. Take a rest and wait to see when you return to normal,call it a day on this one. so if you can ahieve 5 and you recover in say 3 minutes, you now have a goal. I am using basics like i was shown in plumonary.

This will allow you to monitor the exercise and recovery, when you get stronger add one or two more gradually.long process but worth it, the amazing thing is you get stronger without noticing, until you chuck it and begin all over again ha ha , do not do this. Drink your drink staright after your exercise once you have your breathing sorted and see what you think after finishing it, i take a deep breath after it and i see the difference.

Breathings the key. Hope this helps and thanks for showing an interest.

Jocopd in reply to H2o1511

Get a finger oximeter - around $20 on Amazon or other stores. It reads the oxygen level in your blood simply by putting it on your fingertip. Runs on batteries. If your oxygen drops to 88 and below then you are risking organ damage. You will also notice it becomes hard to breath at that point. If your doctor has prescribed oxygen then you should not drop to 88 and can work out till you feel you need a rest.

Thanks do much ! I normally get lots of exercise just living !! I live remote so there are many jobs. ( Filling the generator exp.) Just to keep things going. I travel to town via 17ft skiff tied to an out haul. Anyway, I do drop to 88 maybe less sometimes however the jobs have to get done. I'm in stage 4. I just ordered a concentrator to try it out to use when I fo the heavyweight chores. I hope it works for me. I asked the Dr how come I'm still going !! Said because is physically fit & keep going! Said if I weighed 40 more pounds I wouldn't be able to walk all the way down the hall.so I'll just " keep on truckin' 😁

However all that being said I do worry about my organ damage.

Thanks for the recipe. I will tell my brother.

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