Severe copd and grand mal seizures

Ive had grand mal seizures since i was 5 .Little over 10 years ago told i have copd .Didnt take long to go from mild to severe,now on oxyjen 24/7.Havent had a seizure in 4 years,in that time breathing gone way downhill.Was going to get transplant but cancer found,worried when i get another seizure might not be able to have enough to wake.Lungs really bad.

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  • I'm sorry to hear of all your health issues. You have many conditions & I think you should contact your pulmonary doctor & allow him to advise you as you go forward. I'll pray that you're given something to help you. Take care & God bless you.

  • Thank you Joyful4u ,have talked to family doc as well as pulmonologist ,get same answer, dont get another seizure.I think a lot of doctors seem a little shaky when epilepsy,especially grand mals .Guess not common having both,copd grandmals.hopefully find info on these sites.

  • nepats32954, I will say a prayer as well. My big issue & as far as I know my only issue is being on ox 24/7. I went from ok to ox 24/7 really quickly too. Some days are good & I can move around a little bit some days I just can't w/o getting totally winded, so I know what your going thru as far as that good luck & I hope your seizures get better for you

  • FrissyKat almost whole life worried about my grand mals,turns out copd and grand mals might mess me up.

  • So very sorry I have been on oxygen 24/7 for 2 years, I can pray things go good for you. What is your name first only if you want to give it.

  • Sandra my first name is Robert.been on oxyjen couple years.Helps a lot,was a little uncomfortable in public at first,now doesnt bother me , need it thats why.Cant believe how fast mybreathing went downhill.

  • On febuary i entered hospital and stayed in hospital and rehab for24 days because of copd.Been looking over internet to find info and people that have both severe copd and grandmal seizures.i feel like no one else has this combo.

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your health issues. Just curious, how old are you & what country do you live in? Have you checked out the site ? good luck, gayle

  • Revagayle,im 63 years old and live in the u.s.a ..i am am xigned up with inspire.Guess the combo of grandmals and copd not common.!ike to get some info on what might happen as my copd gets worse and another seizure comes

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