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My story of treatment but now a problem can you help?

I was told I had COPD 16 years ago. I quit smoking but cheated having one now and then but now none. My question is: after usually being in the hospital about once a year, my copd has crashed 3 times since the first of December. Once it was with broncus spasms. How can I avoid this? Wash my hands, take my meds, use oxygen at night and until recently went to rehab 3 times a week for 7 years. What am I doing wrong?

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it is a progressive type of disease

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If your talking about a flare up

From what I have read 1/3 of the time they have no idea what had caused it the rest if the time is cold or sickness anyway

There is a fancy name for it but flare is the commend term

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Well I'm at the end stage at 28 percent been to the hospital 3 time cents Jan. Of this here done the rehab and it didn't seen to help I would go out side for 10 15 min and would pay for it for 3 or 4 days after. I've stop smoking for 37 day as of today oxegen 24/7 and so for I fell a little better but I have had to go to the er cent I've stop smoking so I'm where your at I don't know what to really do


I think we pick up germs from others, and in public. I used to get a cold and then a cough and the cough never went away, so now that I am retired I rarely get sick unless my grandkids come over with a cold.


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