Follow directions when using your inhaler for better outcome

Good morning all - I was recently diagnosed with stage 1 COPD. My pulmonary doctor put me on a Flovent inhaler to be used twice a day - 2 puffs in the morning and 2 puffs 12 hours later. I went to the Flovent site on my computer and was surprised to learn that I was using my inhaler wrong the first week! I am now using it the right way, and I have to say it is much better. I suppose each company has their own way of using their product. Just make sure you are using these wonderful treatments in a way you will benefit the most! My inhaler only says to use 2 puffs twice a day, but that is very misleading until you go to the website.

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  • I'll have to go check that out, thanks for the heads up.

  • Yes - 2 puffs twice a day BUT......1 puff, hold for 10 seconds, wait 30 seconds, then the second puff and gold again for 10 seconds. Make sure you shake well before use! Rinse mouth well afterwards. I was doing 2 consecutive puffs each time and not holding for 10 seconds. This is with Flovent at any rate.....Not sure about the others. I feel a big improvement in my lung capacity doing it this way. Most doctors don't give good instructions for this I guess. There are so many inhalers out there. And the instructions on the inhaler box is just "2 puffs, twice a day" - as written from doctor's orders.

  • I'm supposed to hold for 10 seconds. I told Doctor if I could hold breath for 10 seconds I wouldn't need oxygen 24/7🤑😝

  • I guess I need a little more info, 2puffs twice a day is not the correct way?

  • I use a spacer with my inhalers, it helps get the drug deeper in the lungs. My doctor gave it to me free.

  • I will ask the doctor about this when I see her. Thanks!

  • I am on flovent as well. Dr said 1 puff twice a day. Thanks for the info, I will check their website. :)

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