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Hi all, I started with the flu 3 weeks ago. Doctor gave me steroids in the second week as I was still coughing. last week she gave me antibiotics as she heard "crackling" on my lungs. The last few days I have found swallowing difficult because of a really sore and inflamed throat. I was diagnosed with early stages of COPD last year and wondered if it usually takes this long to kick infections?

She also prescribed a "Fostair" inhaler, which I haven't been able to use yet due to the infection, has anyone had any experience of this type of inhaler. I have tried a few powder inhalers, all off which made me ill, so I have been managing just with "Ventolin"

Many thanks


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Hi Steve, I'm not familiar with "Fostair' but I do know that since my doctor changed me over to the Respimat inhalers I don't have throat problems and it gets in the lungs better so I don't have to use them as often. Have you tried using a nebulizer instead of the inhalers? they are a mist that gets in the lungs deeper but I find I always make sure I rinse my mouth out good when I use inhalers or nebulizers.

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Many thanks Lorbic, I will ask about the Respimat inhalers.


I am on Fostair it does open your airways quicker ,But I get croaky and seem to bruise more easily I think you should still use your inhaler with a infection also sadly yes has copd get worse the infections take longer to go .I hope you feel better soon x

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Many thanks Shadow


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