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New on here would love to make some new friends

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My names lea am 33 years old about 5 months ago I notice i had a cough which seemed to be getting worse, I was struggling to breath getting out of breath easy and started wheezing quite a bit felt pains in my back and ribs this obviously scared me and made me stop smoking straight away, I then came down with a chest x2 one after the other, since then I haven’t felt well at all, I had a spirometry and bloods taken spirometry was the lower end of normal but this doesn’t explain my symptoms and me needing to use a inhaler all the time, the doctors have said it’s copd chronic bronchitis after hearing my breathing They have now referred me to the hospital I asked my doctor if I could have a ct scan which she said she was not able to refer me for this is this true? Has anyone got any advice for me and what I should be doing now, have been on here for a while and reading lots of peoples stories which has helped me feel better about everything but am still so scared and would love people to talk to that understands how am feeling thankyou for reading lea xxx

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Hi and welcome, we all go through feeling scared it's normal. But you will find lots of friends on here ready to support you in any way we can. Please feel free to ask about things you are worried about or afraid of, there is always one of us who can give advice.We all support and look after each other on here and welcome new people. Please keep posting have a lovely evening and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

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Thankyou Bernadette really appreciate your reply will keep posting on here it’s good to let things out and talk about how am feeling, trying to stay strong for my family don’t want them seeing how scared I am xxx

Hi Lea, of course you’re worried. It’s terrifying when you can’t breathe properly and I’m sure we can all relate to that! Some GPs are great, others not so and I mean in terms of their respiratory knowledge and also their empathy. My advice would be push to get the hospital appointment ASAP. Whoever you see there will be a specialist in respiratory and if appropriate I’m sure will refer you for a ct scan.

When I gave up smoking I got chest infections, my breathing hurt and I felt so ill for months. I think it’s maybe your body’s way of screaming for the nicotine drug you’ve taken away. We all know however that it’s absolutely the best thing you can do for your health long term so well done for sticking with it.

Are you coughing up any mucus? If it’s green/brown it’s probably infected. If so ask your gp to test the sample. It may be a course of antibiotics would help in that case.

For me it also becomes a vicious circle. The more I worry about my breathing the worse I get. Try and stay well, keep away from ‘dirty air’ - smokers, bonfires, bbqs etc, eat healthily - and chase that hospital appointment x


Thankyou for taking the time to reply to me, am waiting for the doctor to ring me today with my appointment at the hospital hopefully it is ASAP, sometimes in the morning my mucus can be green when coughing but later in the day it’s clear with small amount of green, I mentioned about taking a sample this time around but she said my chest sounded clear “no need to” her words, my chest feels so tight really horrible feeling, have stayed away from smoke etc trying to eat healthy just feeling so low in mood also hard to try and stay positive,

You need to be seen by a pulmonologist. Keep pushing for the hospital appt, and ask to see a pulmonologist.

Hi ne 33 had the same has you GP though the same copd chronic bronchitis I am a lot lot lot older than you.After 18 months of coughing chest infections it suddenly left me been completely symptom free for 7 months my spirometry was 69 at the time GP now says you probably had inflamed airways after the bacterial lung infection in other words pneumonia which can take months sometimes a year to clear but anyway your over that now. You have stopped smoking which is the best treatment so maybe it will just go take care xxx

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Hopefully this is the case for me would do anything for these symptoms to disappear, I feel as thou am in a nightmare wanting to wake up

My new hip is healing. Breathing sucks in this humidity, but it is what it is. How are you doing?

Pretty much all we can do. At least we are still here, still able to complain about the weather. That's always a positive

Hi Ne33, I am new and scared too, but I have had lots of lovely support on here and learned a lot. It has certainly helped calm me down and feel better about future prospects 😀

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Ne33 in reply to PurpleAlf

Yes I definitely feel Calmer reading peoples stories on here thankyou for your reply

Welcome 🙂 and yes they're a lovely lot of people on here 😊 we all have different lung conditions but everyone is very helpful and friendly and will help with advice if possible. Hope you get a hospital appointment soon and then get some proper advice and medication. 🙂

Hi lea I would love to be your friend 😊 I have just been diagnosed with COPD yesterday had lots of emotions yesterday been put on anxiety medication! I think more you stress and feel unsettled more symptoms are going to increase ! I do meditation mindfulness just started yoga helps with breathing ! I do Pranayama breathing go on You Tube and write Pranayama in find Indian lady in pink shdd Ed does all sorts of breathing techniques. I also do gratitude journal and self love cards and chakra cards and I too have tapping app try these may help xxx

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