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Chest infections


So am now on my 3rd chest infection since December! Off to docs tomorrow as they still haven't given me an emergency pack.

Diagnosed Last January with mild copd with a crossover to mild adult onset asthma. Had the flu first in december and over new year and now can't keep these coughs/Chest infections away.

They keep giving me antibiotics each time which don't touch it. Then they give me steroids. I thought they were supposed to be given together? Any advice before I see the doc tomorrow?


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Hi Alison, my Dr give. ZPAK & Prednisone to keep on hand. I have always taken both together for bronchial infection.

You may ask?

Good luck, I hope they give the information you are seeking.

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Hi Alison, if you can talk to your doctor and respiratory nurse, try and get them to understand your worries. I have been given antibiotics and steroids together each time I have had an infection. Each infection is different and may need different antibiotics to fight it.

Doctors are cutting back on the number of antibiotics given out. Tell them that you have joined the British Lung Foundation to understand your disease and treatments available.

I am lucky that my doctor listens to me and seems to be sympathetic to my needs, he has given me a rescue pack for weekend emergencies.

If you are not happy with your doctor, ask to see a different one.

Good luck, I hope you are infection free soon.

Take care


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Hi, I know how scary that can be, I ended up in the hospital in October with pneumonia after catching a mild cold. There they gave me antibiotics, steriods, breathing treatments...While these things may clear up an infection I fear they also do a number on your bodies own immune system and can set up a cycle of sickness. Right after my last episode, I felt a cold coming on but was determined to avoid all that and began researching, natural remedies for lungs and immune enhancing supplement. Ive been using these things since and havent had a problem all winter. I advise you look into Medicinal mushrooms, cordyceps, reishi, chaga a blend called Immpower which can build you immune system. For easier breathing, NAC is indespensable. ThennI make a tonic of fresh ginger, tumeric, onions and honey, and add chopped raw garlic to bowls of soup as it acts as antibiotic. No side effects as all these are food products, but will strengthen rather then deplete your body. All can be looked up online. The doctors told me I would need all these medications and would progress steadily down. I took an alternative route and haven't need to see them since. We had a warm day last week and I hiked up our little mountain with my daughter, doing pretty well. Give your body a chance to do what it does, heal the system, not just treat the symptom. God Bless


Thanks. Will research more.

Just got back from docs and he says no infection but gave me steroid inhaler. And I have to go have another chest x-ray. Doesn't stop me coughing though.


Hi just trying to get over my third flare up this year wanting to get back to my exercising I am trying the cordyceps so u think there ok n taking omega 3


Omega 3s are good and cordyceps. As you saw in my last post there are a few things I take to maintain my wellness, and tgether they have beeen working. Not sure which of them is most effective, but no ill effects from taking all, so thats what I do. One thing that has worked for me , when I fell a cold or conjestion coming on, is garlic. Two cloves of chopped raw garlic thrown into a bowl f hot soup, dont cook. It is strong, spicy, breathe it in, it has been effective in killing off anything that tries to take residence in my lungs, many times. Family may keep their distance as well, but as I said, no doctors r hospitals since fall.


Hi Ali; I hope you are seeing a pulmonary doctor for this, your doctor needs to give you Zithromycin 500mg for 14 days, with this antibotic you don't need a predisone as it works as an antibotic and treats the inflammation at the same time. I take 250mg of this drug daily which prevents me from getting a bad flare up. If you can't take Zithromycin, the other recommended antibotic for copd is Levquin. Make sure you are drinking lots of water this will thin out the mucus, Halls lemon and honey cough drops have been helpful to me and chicken soup.

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Believe it or not I don't bring any mucus up. Never have. Just really tight chest all the time and keep getting coughs etc. Am normally quite healthy and used to run 5k every week but havent done anything since catching the flu in december. Now on fostair inhaler twice a day from today so hopefully will settle down.


I've been on my third week of antibiotics and steroids now can't shift my infection as soon as I come off them it's back again I always have mime together strange maybe need stronger melds hope goes well


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