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Site problems anyone - e.g. do you need to keep logging in?


I gather a few Apple users are having trouble logging in or staying logged in and have been putting up with this very annoying inconvenience for some time. If this is happening to you, please reply or like this post and I'll bring it to HU's attention.

If anyone else is having any problems regularly, please reply stating what they are and if enough also reply stating they have the same problem, then perhaps we can get HU to work on a fix.

Incidentally, HU have just fixed a small problem with the badges feature and more importantly, Pinned Posts are now visible on the Community Page:

For the moment, you'll find the Pinned Posts under the Poll, but we hope to get those swapped around so that the Pinned Posts are above the Poll.


Photo: Spot the grasshopper

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Spot? Funny name for a Grasshopper!

Yes. I have to keep logging in, even though I have it checked to keep me logged in.

For some. Weeks I have had to log in every time I want to go to HU. Sometimes I just skip it is so annoying.


Yep...but only after I have been on

Happy New Year to you Neil. Thanks for all the information you have shared with us over the past year. Keep the photos coming.


It keeps me logged in on my iPad but not my iPhone. Accessing the site through the phone is a chore because it keeps logging me out despite having it on 'keep me logged in'.

Be good to have a resolution to this one Neil so thanks.


Have had no problems from Apple laptop OS X 10.11.2 or Tower OS X 10.7 - not aware of an issue from iPad but don't often access site from that platform.


Just this morning I started getting problems on my desktop (Windows 7 not Apple) computer. It kept telling me to sign in, even though I was already in, and just wanted to go to another post.


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I have this problem, but it is transient... seems to happen for a few days in a row... then stops...

iPad 4 iOS 9.2


I rarely log in on my iPad or iPhone so I don't remember but I don't have to log back in on my desktop unless I clear my cookies!

Ai have the same problem but only occasionally. I use an Apple iPad.

Me. Wont keep me logged in on i phone. Very annoying. What's the healthunlocked app suggestion that keeps popping up? Ooh, I'll need my glasses to spot the grasshopper! 😀


Mine is better now - no more asking me to Log in when I was already in... :-)

No problem IPhone. Laptop I have to login each time.

Have had to log in every time recently (iPad). (Was OK previously)

At least I now remember the password!

Yes I have that issue on iPad and iPhone but not iMac.


I have no problem getting to the site through gmail on my i pad, but always on my laptop (MacBook Pro and yes it is updated).

When on the site and responding to posts the responses often disappear and I end up on the welcome post, some other post, or recently on HU Thyroid.

The same happens at times when reading posts. One try a night, then I give up.mtoo frustrating!

Laptop (windows 10, latest edition) no problem but Apple iPad 2 I have to log in every now and then but sometimes logging in does not get me through so I have get up and go to the office to my laptop or unplug it and take it to my more comfortable chair in my breakfast/morning room.


It been this way for the last year.

Rather annoying but grateful for the site. Thanks


Those of you with Apple devices, are you browsing in "Private Mode" on your Safari browser? You may well find that your login problems will disappear if you turn that off as explained here:

I asked HU to look at the replies to this post and respond, which Vesa did today as follows:

"It’s very common, on Apple products, particularly Apple mobile devices, for users to accidentally be on Private mode on the Safari browser. Private mode means that no information is stored on the browser, and so regardless of whether or not the “keep me logged in” box is ticked, users will have to provide the information each time because it is not stored.

You can read more about “Private mode” and how to tell if you are on it, as well as how to get off it here: If users ensure they are not on Private browsing, they will need to log in once more onto their accounts, with the “keep me logged in” button ticked, and will no longer need to log in.



If users find the above advice doesn’t help, they are of course welcome to email here and I will try and see if they have another unrelated issue.

Best wishes,

Vesa Popova


Neil, finally a solution to the annoying iPhone problem of having to sign in every time. Removing private browsing worked. Thank you.

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