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where are the pinned topics

I find them much more useful than the news feeds which are too random and difficult to trace.

Please can we have the pinned topics back on the right side?? Please !!

Admin: I've invited HealthUnlocked to monitor this post and they are doing so with interest. So please reply with your feedback, good or bad, here. Thanks!

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Sorry, just found them...



It's understandable, I had problems finding the latest activity posts initially but quite like the new format now.

Two immediate problems remain however (sorry to hijack your question Ldn but as we're on the subject). There seems no way of putting posts into newest and oldest order now and with very long threads, it means winding to the end. It no longer opens at the latest answer for me which may be right in the middle of 30 answers +

Also the problem of text that cannot be enlarged on my ipad. Hoping these issues are being addressed or I'll need stronger reading glasses! :-)

Hope everyone is well at whatever time it is in your world.



I run both versions, one in Safari the old version in Chrome... I find I use the old version 90% of the time.... just easier to see post on threads, rather than sifting through 'Replies' for each thread...

The new design is unusable on an iPhone... the text is too small to read...


There is a work around.

I believe (although I've not checked) this is caused by using a meta tag designed to help with mobile usage. That is the web page is written to handle mobiles, but my interpretation means that they fit to size of the viewport (read screen). That means, of course that it fits, for example, the ipad so you are 'stuck' with the size.

However, you can turn zoom on on the ipad to get around it....... settings > general > accessability

There you will find zoom. Turning it on means you have access to the zoom feature. Once on a double tap with three fingers takes you into or out of zoom mode. To move round the screen drag with three fingers. Note: you cant alter the size with pinch, you are stuck small or large and have to drag around.

Maybe someone else has some better approach?

Hope that helps,


I had a look at the HTML....They are using ...

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

which should scale correctly... with pinch in and out...

This will not scale...

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0">

So there must be another issue...


I've installed the zoom facility Rob but obviously it has very limited usage and you can't move round the page with it.

Hopefully they'll be a permanent fix in the offing (?)

Good suggestion with running the two versions Chris.



It is possible to override the html with some local javascript, however, I do not like this sort of approach. It means you could end up with some problem in the future of your own making, especially tricky if you forgot you did it.

i agree, newdawn my suggestion is not ideal, I really see it as a bit of a temporary fix.

There is something more to this than simple html. I checked with Puffin and that doesnt work either. Rob



I've invited HU to look at this discussion and either respond here or to me with an update on their development plans to resolve the font size and reply order issues or recommend work arounds.

I'm doing the same as Chris, running separate browsers for dual access. It is extremely unwise to change to a Beta version of any software if you aren't sure that you can get back to the old version. Given the potential impact on cache clearing on Safari (which you need to do to revert to the old, stable release), that goes doubly so for Applefictionados :)



I haven't coded in HTML/PHP/CSS/etc in a few years, but what I did do is check one of the HealthUnlocked pages with the official HTML validator from the W3 ( and there were errors and hundreds of warnings related to zooming, etc. for this page.

FYI, you can check any page you want for its compliance to specs, and this is the validation for this page you are reading according to W3 specifications:


I think many CSS errors are with


Running Android 4.2.2 on a Samsung 7 inch tablet and the new version works for me.!

The text size is just right.

However for new members it it very important (critical ) that these 'pinned posts' or whatever you want to call them as easy to see or locate.

Might I suggest a clear action point at the line of the header, marked say 'Reference materials for the newly diagnosed'..??


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Still trying to understand the upgrade.

Where have the questions gone? (or are they now just under 'posts'?)

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For those still wondering where the pinned posts AND questions are now (took me a while to find them too), this is how to find them:

* Select CLL Support Association from the 'My Communities' menu item in the top green menu bar. This will take you to 'Latest posts'

* Under the CLLSA badge, you will see 'Latest posts'. Click on the 'All posts >' to the right of that.

- If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, you should see the Pinned Posts on the right hand side of the screen

- If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you should find them at the bottom of the latest posts.

Posts and questions are now combined.

Not all pinned posts and questions are displayed; you may need to click on +25 more

New Features

- Below the Pinned Posts, you can select posts/questions by topic

- To the right of Posts you can now filter (Sort by v) the posts (and questions) to display the following categories:

+ Newest

+ Recently Active

+ Unanswered

+ Popular



Apologies, I posted my gripe before finding this thread, I will repeat it here so Admin, feel free to delete my original.

One gripe which I highlighted at the last upgrade and still doesn't appear to have been addressed. It tells me my profile is only 85% complete and nags to complete it but there still is no option for Watch and Worry (oops sorry Wait) so there is no viabl option to complete the profile!

I know it is trivial but hey with all the trickery going on with the website, how difficult is it to add one more entry to a selection list?

I have also reported this via the HU reporting bubble in the bottom right corner.



Glad to hear that you like the new interface Kirk per your earlier post, which I've deleted at your suggestion to avoid confusing everyone trying to provide feedback. :)

I managed to get my profile to 100% with the old interface, but as you say, there's no "Watch and Wait" option, neither is their a suitable "Monitoring" option, which is indeed disappointing. "Watch and Wait" as a 'treatment' protocol is not unique to CLL/SLL.

Thanks for providing your feedback via the green silhouetted globe at the bottom right. I've also complained about the lack of Watch and Wait/Monitoring as a treatment option.

This upgrade seems limited to the presentation; the underlying database appears to have had little or no change.


I'm still finding my way round the new system but I am quite happy with what I have found so far. What I would like to ask is why I have to press the 'upgrade now' button every time I have an email from HU - it doesn't seem to stay locked. Am I doing/not doing something?

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Having your browser forget you've upgraded is new to me, but perhaps not to HU, so please let them know as much as you can about what you are using to access the site, i.e. computer/tablet, smartphone, the operating system and version and most importantly the browser and if possible, the version of that. Someone has 'Recommended' your reply, so it seems you are not alone with this problem.

I presume that what you mean in saying an email from HU is an email about a new post or a reply to your reply? Then when you click on the link in the email, you find yourself using the old interface with the new blue bar, on which you have to "Click here now"?

Are you perhaps clearing your browser cache before you close your browser or perhaps using Google Chrome for browsing HU?



I use HU on every possible combination of equipment: desktops and laptops running Linux, laptops running Mac OSX, desktops running Windows 7, iPads and iPhones and Android devices. I mainly use browsers Firefox and Chrome.

The only issue I see is on my iPhone when I use Chrome HU keeps on asking me to finish my profile from its current level of 40%. I don't know if this is supposed to be like that, but it is annoying me. :-)


Thanks Neil - you have described it exactly. Will do!

(PS I know as much about computers as I do about the chemistry of CLL......)


HealthUnlocked have now completed updating their Help pages for the new site which will be launched in a few days. If you find any sections that aren't clear or appear incomplete, please click on the green icon at the bottom right and let HealthUnlocked know.




If there's anything you don't like about the new interface, let HealthUnlocked know NOW via the green feedback icon (the light globe in silhouette) on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Extracts from the latest Communities Team HU Newsletter:

"We are almost there

We are planning to push the big button in about 2 weeks time!

We have already received over 350 pieces of feedback and replied to 70% of those. Many suggestions have been acted upon and many more will be considered on future changes (our beloved road map!). Overall we have received a very positive responses. "

Apple users, I suspect that you have more unresolved issues with the new interface than other members, so please make yourselves heard!



I am always taken to the old version , log in and then have to click on the upgrade now button,

Why doesnt it go straight to the new site.

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This is only the second time i have been on the new version,no problems so far.


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