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Please provide feedback on our new website (good AND bad)

[Now including an update from Team HU - the site developers]

Thank you for your patience this week while we've migrated to this new website. We hope you find the new features help you get more out of this site and we're looking forward to seeing them in use. Look for the information on these from HU shortly. Meanwhile I've added a support update from HU at the bottom of this question. Please continue to share the site problems you've found by replying here. I've passed the link onto the HU Team for their attention.

Those of you that have visited since yesterday's upgrade are likely to have observed some problems as the Health Unlocked developers fix bugs missed during development and fine tune the system. While some early problems have been fixed or will soon be, there are no doubt some that have escaped notice. Here is your opportunity to help us provide a consolidated report on problems we are all experiencing. I'll start the ball rolling with what Nick, I and a few early users have observed...

Known problems:

S - L - O - W loading. I hope before long I never again see the yellow "Loading (this is taking a while...)" banner. I guess it tells me the site is still working...

Auto-tagging. I much preferred the old system and hope the promise of the new system is met as more experience is gained by the auto-tagging routine. Nick and I have observed a few problems as we've been categorising past posts, namely:

- No tagging at all

- The key purpose of the post doesn't even get tagged and there is no way to manually add it

- It is easy to click on the tag rather than the delete symbol when attempting to delete a tag. That takes you to a page of matching tagged items from elsewhere in the community and you think you've lost your post/question. You CAN get back to your post - just click to go back once more. I HATE to think how bad this 'feature' is for people using smart phones and tablets...

- Tagging commonly terms used per specific community. I'm tired of constantly deleting the auto-tags leukaemia, lymphoma, lymphocytic leukaemia, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, etc. I'd LOVE it if a list of default tags specific to each HU community was excluded from tagging.

Log in related problems. I've had to reset my password and I've lost access and had to log back in occasionally.

To make it easier for Health Unlocked to investigate our problems, I'd appreciate it if you checked if your problem has already been mentioned and reply to THAT reply. Otherwise reply to this post with your problem mentioned in the first line of reply. Feedback from smart phone and tablet users is most welcome - after all you are a growing user community.

Thank you,

Neil and Nick

PS. The Health Unlocked developers have told us that this new website has been completely rewritten, which explains the delay in launching it and the current teething problems we are having. You don't go to this expense this without a very good reason. From my IT experience, it is not uncommon for a software rewrite to initially be worse than what it replaced. However, if the new design achieves what was intended, with some patience, you get a far better end result that can support features that are impossible with the old system. So hang in there!



Hi everyone of the CLL Support Association community,

We apologise for the issues experienced over the past 24 hours with this new site. These changes come as a result of nine months of channeling feedback from 150,000 of our members who have come to us suggesting even better ways of communicating, sharing information and supporting each other.

Your feedback is very helpful moving forward. We know how much many of you depend on this community. Heartfelt apologies if it has been frustrating.

We guarantee:

- The new features will significantly improve what you can do in HU in future

- Other improvements will appear over the next weeks and months

- We won’t stop until we’ve ironed out any bumps

We ask for your help over the next few days:

- To let us know any issues you can spot at

- To bear with us. We’ll get there!

We’re a small team of people dedicated to making HealthUnlocked the best network around for managing your health online. Thanks for your understanding and being here to help us achieve that - it’s a group effort.

Best wishes,

Team HU

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Login Problems


There appear to be two, perhaps related problems with logins, judging by the comments below and my experience. The new website:

1) 'forgets' you were logged in if you turn your PC/tablet/smartphone or browser off then on (or leave and come back to the site), even you have set up your browser to remember your username/password and to log you in automatically.

2) can silently log you out - even if you are in the middle of writing a post or question or replying. In this case, your username and image remain visible in the login field within the top green menu bar - even after you've lost login status. You first know about it when you get a warning message that you need to be logged in to do what you are trying to do - even if you are in the middle of doing it! The login field belatedly switches to 'Log in' when you try to reply or go elsewhere on the site.

I've provided the HU Team with my experiences and they are investigating this. If anyone can improve on or correct my observations above, that may help the HU team deliver an earlier fix to this very annoying problem.



One indication that you've been silently logged out when writing a post comes when you try to upload an accompanying image. You get an error warning you not to exceed 2,500 kbytes, even if your file size is well within that limit. The warning message spelling and sentence structure also needs correction.


Smart Phone and Tablet specific feedback


'Browser back' (left arrow) navigation button on iPad Safari does not always function or it defaults to the Home page.


Slow loading problems


I tried to do this as a Post so I could include the classic development graphic I've linked at the bottom of my question. (DO have a look!) I got an error with a 40kbyte file not to upload files greater than 2,500kbytes... After repeated and unsuccessful tries (including testing the process with an image I've used before), I gave up.


Broken Links

When I click on an item from the Newsfeed, I get a Page not found [404] error.


I can access all posts in 'Latest Activities' without logging in... it is open to the public in other words...


Further on Latest Activities, we've both observed that new posts and questions are

being missed... As you say, this list should include everything, with flags indicating if they are new post or questions, or answers to previous posts etc....

This is particularly important as less experienced members can sometimes ask important questions on old questions, posts or in poll comments - or even in reply to content at these locations!

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Green header banner, drops down blocking login screen on iPad4, this is intermittent.


Sequencing of responses, is sometimes wrong... It requires a refresh to get it correct.


Still no editing capability by author of responses, after it has been posted?


'About Me' text formatting is CRs


Nick and I have both tried revamping this to no effect. The HU code must strip out the CRs


My Profile Picture is still just a black square to me on my iPad Retina 4. Having to log in constantly and from the Latest Activity page links are really slow to load (everything is slow) or I get the Error Page Not Founf 404. Then I refresh or press the back button and I have I start all over again, with logging on.

I removed myself from the membership of another community, on HealthUnlocked last year and now I appear to be in it again - I don't want to be. There is no facility to leave a Community. Often when I log on again,I am taken to their Latest Activity page.



Well a result I was able to link here straight from recent activity without a 404 or a red card, it was a little slow but I got here, Will create a list with Neil and have a look tomorrow how the techies are doing.

I can see you are beautiful contrast of merging pinks and blues. you look good. :-)

Thanks everyone


The green HealthUnlocked bar just dropped down and covered that last post as I was checking it before submitting. I pressed submit fast as I thought would lose the page.

sparkler x


Anyone beta test this? Just awful.


Smart phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) - can't access our community at all. Through Google, managed to get the HealthUnlocked 'find your community' page, with their green heading but link to CLLSA won't work. Also there is an 'n' on the end of 'Leukaemia' on the New Communities list. Tried link and page went blank. Then started again and went to 'log in' on that Find your community page - once again the page went blank.

My profile picture still appears as a black square to me on the iPad - Chris, what an you see on your iPad? Nick, on my NetBook, I can see my picture as blues and oranges.....this is my sparkler picture but should be all orange, with a darker background. Somehow the image is there but with different colours.

sparkler x


Sparkler, try changing your profile picture and load a new one from your Camera Roll. I had to do this on the iPad4 to get it to show... Thankfully, we can now select the image and crop it, which didn't work on the iPad previously... a small victory ;-)


Thanks Chris. Although I can see my picture on the NetBook, its colours have changed to psychedelic - duh?. I have always used the same picture (proper bright orange sparkly sparkler) and as I don't want a new one, I will have to try and find it on an ancient laptop and try reloading it. Can't face that yet.....I fear it could raise my BP even more, as trying to do anything here, does at the moment!

I know it's a silly little thing but 'the devil's in the detail', as they say. For now, I will just have to keep seeing my depressing black square on the iPad!

Onwards and upwards......

sparkler x


Does not remember your logon like the old site so have to log in each time.

Slow to respond and navigation will take some getting used to

Not a very well though out roll out and is likely to make people stop using the site if it becomes too frustrating to use.


I too am wasting time having to log in every time, unlike the old site, which remembered me.


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Log on problems too. I've just logged on and it gave me someone else's profile (a name similar to my password which I'll need to keep an eye on).

I really liked the instant accessibility provided pre-change so hope that is reinstated.

Like the new members feature...welcome to all the new people.

It will take some getting used to...poor Sparkler with her blacked out avatar, hope that can be sorted soon for her.



Hi All it's very wobbly this morning. well done for persevering.

Today for me the drop down bar and loading times are a problem as well as gaining access to sections. Neil has been unable to gain access, so I can only guess others are in the same boat. (also the post facility will not enlarge so using this tiny box is difficult today) Not knowing how many are in for HU on a Sunday we don't know if this is likely to improve today?

HU suggest you keep using the Support function to report your difficulties and observations, please well as this.

We will also review your observations tomorrow and asses progress then CLLSA will forward your list and this link to HU within our own correspondence..

Thank you for your patience and for discussing your observations and difficulties , man of these remind me very much of problems we encountered last year when in our Macmillan CLL support group we had to find their way through the website upgrade. Many joined us there because of the difficulties experienced with the Leukaemia care community upgrade. So there are many veterans here from different campaigns.

For me what was evidenced by us during these, was the UK CLL/SLL on-line group found a way to continue to support each other that suited (or was possible). In the UK we have grown stronger as an on-line community'(thanks to the support of our global companions I am sure HU will quickly iron out issues and work with us to enable us to continue to improve and add to CLL support.

If you can please post questions and post discussions, it appears we ma all be affected to different degrees, but as a whole can continue to support each other.

We are a group who need each other and benifit from the knowledge and support we can provide each other. If you are finding this all too much at the moment, please drop into Macmillan CLL and join us there for some respite,

Man thanks



PS good luck to all the brave runners and walkers supporting CLL in the London 10K (this year we have 20+ runners/walkers). Look forward to reading and forwarding the reports from you.


I haven't been able to log on with Safari just now (blank page only) and can only access through Google Chrome. Shan't be trying again today - far too stressful and I can't breathe as it is with the heat!

Non sparkler x


I still can't access HU with Safari (I could at first last week).

Tags - I clicked on 'fatigue' out of interest and it took me to pages and pages of headings for posts, from all over the many HU communities. Every few pages, there was the odd one from CLLSA. My own 'blog' called 'CLL and Fatigue' wasn't there of course but that will be because in the early days of our community starting on HU, I hadn't tagged. So to find any posts relevant to us with CLL, by searching with tags, we will have to troll through pages of irrelevant posts from anywhere. They are not even grouped as from coming from one community. People will get fed up and won't bother looking.

sparkler x


Hi Sparkler and everyone,

After my post yesterday that was it I could no longer gain access to continue with the work of filing our information in categories. browsing through categories will when complete take you to more specific information. we will in time create subgroups/topics in information that contain links to discussion topics and current helpful information. This is something we can discuss as volunteers together to find our way around the tags and search issue.

Badges and their functions have not been working either, at times admin functions are erratic or unavailable, HU have confirmed this morning in an email that email notifications will soon be reactivated. I have snipped some of this to allow you to share in feedback.

I would avoid searching using tags for info as the Tags system does not work at the moment and even when it learns from increased use, it is taking people outside of the group and to topics that have no relevance to CLL/SLL health care whatsoever,this could be a hazard to peoples health. (we will address this with HU - )

Please continue to report issues to the HU support facility and to this thread- we will pin it for easy access. It will be forwarded to HU today.

In the meantime I hope we can carry on and stay connected and continue to support each while website issues are addressed and corrected. I can confirm how upset I am about all of the inconvenience this has caused us all.

Information from HU this morning, :

"A lot of users are asking ‘why change a system that wasn't broken’.? Apart from opening up opportunities for the future, the existing system had almost reached capacity for the volume of people that now visit and had to be rewritten. That still doesn't excuse the problems

We are going through the site with a comb and going to start emailing you regular updates on the issues being experienced.

They roughly divide into:

Bugs - things like logging out in Internet Explorer, various Windows platforms, any disappearance of badges, oddly coloured avatars etc. These are important for us to know about.

Interface complaints - things like the comment order, the layout etc. Some of these are part of the change, others need changing and improving."

Tags and unwanted information are my greatest concern. Part of the reason for forming the Macmillan and HU group with you all was to provide a facility to that supports CLL/SLL people with health issues that are our own, to help us educate ourselves together to better live with the disease in a general population that does not understand the hazards it may present us with.

We will continue to provide feedback and work with you to aid HU establish services again.



Title must be between 1 and 140 characters long. ??

No daily email

Frequently logged out.

Very painful just to post this


Early on I had to lengthen short titles. HU seem to have reduced the restriction without changing the warning on the title length!


I posted once and it got posted TWICE....

I attempted to delete one of the two posts, but then BOTH got deleted...

So I added some extra lines and reposted again and now the home page shows THREE entries..



Just shows how much your contributions are valued Dick!


This is a test to see what is happening with my avatar. After much time and stress I found my old picture and managed to upload it onto my profile, with my iPad. It now looks fine to me and back to it's normal non psychedelic colour. I don't know what the rest of you can see, who are not on iPads though?

This has been the sum total of today's achievement! Sad eh?

sparkler x


Well sparkler, on my PC you are back to your old sparkle and that's got to be an achievement worth celebrating eh?



Working ok now on my tablet.

Updated my profile, and most of that seems ok.

One point for new posts could somebody explain how to do a good job on URL, also best way to add pics - perhaps start a new post for all that.

Many thanks,


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URLs aren't working correctly at the moment - links aren't being identified as URLs, so clicking on the link won't take you to the linked website. Until HU fix this, everyone will just have to copy and paste the URL into a new browser window or tab. :(

Regarding adding pics, the common picture extensions irrespective of capitalisation work, e.g. gif, tif, tiff, jpg, JPEG, png. Loading time is still excessive in my opinion, so I'd reduce the size to under 100kbytes until that improves and then out of courtesy, I'd still keep the image size down unless people want to share some of their own photography.

I'll keep in mind your suggestion for a post on URLs.



Why is 'Latest Activity' not including questions?

Also, the response boxes are really difficult to write in, as they are so small. I hope there is a plan to change this.

sparkler x


Hi Sparkler,

I agree with the response boxes being too small.

Paula x


Good point sparkler, I am not sure if this just a development today but without email notifications it is hard to pick up questions at the moment. Thank you for finding today's and being able to respond..

The posting box should enlarge when you click on the bottom right hand corner and pull it. It can be as large as you wish. However during the early installation of the facility it was not working for me, It is today for me.

Thank you for picking up and making our observations known, I hope the heat is not too oppressive at the moment for you.



Hi Nick

I can't seem to make the posting box any bigger with the iPad....can't click the same with the touch screen.

I am finding the heat unbearable and with my added COPD, I am much more short of breath. Thanks for asking and I hope you are coping with it ok.

sparkler x


I/m getting used to logging in ever time I want to post!! Thanks for that Sparkler, good to see your true image again.

I have retreated indoors due to the heat, curtains drawn, the old stone type of building I live in acts as a cool box in the day. reverse in the night..


Ok. I can see that Latest Activity is including questions but is just VERY slow to update.

Hi Paula...this is hard work!

sparkler x


Thank you for bearing with us and continuing to support people - there will be a few ups and downs as HU tackle some gf the issues people across all the communities identify problems they encounter. operational bugs and glitches are being treated as a priority by HU


Hi all

Thank you for continuing to report problems and glitches you encounter while using the new system. Keep them coming and also report to the Support section direct to HU too if you wish. We will continue to update HU with our observations and will provide feedback following discussion. Everything is still very shaky, Neil has had access problems as I have myself have, frustrating to be able to see headlines of posts in news but unable to access them, I am remaining positive believing that some of this is as HU in put new code to resolve other issues already identified. They are making some progress with the list.

Unfortunately we still are without email notifications. Neil and I took part in a conference call with HU on Tuesday when all issues raised by the group were discussed, They have assured us that they will work with us to tackle each in turn, some may involve some compromise but in the short term their priority is to get the system running correctly, including individuals function and email notifications, then they will tackle improvements/corrections and additions. As noted several have now been corrected, we will continue to keep our eye on things with your help.

HU are very apologetic in hind-site about the way they have handled the transition and that we should have been engaged sooner. I am too and feel I was naive believing/assuming that they had our observations and requests in hand. For that I apologize too. It will take a little time but I believe together we will rebuild confidence and this platform will become the improvement that was promised. We are awaiting feedback on how some problems will be tackled- tags/information searches etc- when we have more information we will keep you informed.

Neil has finished filing all of our community’s information from before the switch over into the categories we have started with to aid posting and browsing. There is no doubt that we require a way to form sub categories that tackle large and frequent discussion/information topics and help with finding them. How we do this will depend on how the questions about search and the tag system are addressed by HU. We will revisit and asses existing categories and work together to find a satisfactory way to improve access to key information.

I do believe HU were quite surprised and unprepared for what can happen with a switch-over and as a small firm have their resources stretched to get things moving again, (we are a small community out of the 200+ total) . The have identified that communities aren't one-size-fits-all, so think that's been one of the problems with creating this new system. There are very different needs coming from all sides. As they confirmed there is no excuse for not engaging with members sooner and they have apologised for this.,

We are the community and this facility will improve to enable us to better support each other and learn together. Three years ago when I first started to live with CLL/SLL I had no idea where that would take me , what I did know was that I felt alone and uniformed. I am not these days thanks to you all. Thank you

It is hard in this heat for people with CLL/SLL, either morbidities and/or CLL/SLL seem to affect in some the ability to cope with temperature variation. Thanks for starting a thread on this Neil, you gus down under should be experts at coping strategies,I see on the news that the US and UK are both struggling in heat waves together.

Thanks for your continued patience, we will continue to press for the needs of our community and the facilities we rely on.



Replied to your Stay cool and responded to the fatigue blog. By which time the system said you need to join before posting although it clearly showed Bubnjay at the top of the page. Ho hum the gremlins are on the loose methinks!


Wish I could edit replies as my "Y" keeps sticking and my post was all about your observations not ours!!


I have communicated with the HU Team a few times, over some of the problems I have encountered with the upgrade. This is will be the 3rd upgrade I have been through with a CLL supporting online community and I just want to say, that the HU team have been very good at responding..... They may not have solved all of the problems yet but they have communicated well, in my opinion, since the upgrade, if not before.

Getting a bit fed up logging in though!

sparkler x

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Unable to locate some of my older blogs (posts), I went to my Public Profile and to My Activity. I clicked on my posts and amongst the list, were a couple which I had written for the CLL community only - they appeared in grey, with the message that they were for members only. I was logged in. I clicked on them but I was unable to open them....I couldn't read the posts I had written!

sparkler x



While it is good that the security has failed safe in this case, given the sensitive nature of this bug, if you haven't already done so, I'd recommend you also raise this immediately with the HU Team via the Support menu:


I can't even categorise my own CLL community only post with Admin rights! I've also reported it directly!


Just tried again and now I can categorise my question. Perhaps this problem is somehow related to the flaky login drop outs?


Just back, online, decide to give it a few days after the change and there seemed to be no activity anyway. Just realised:

1: no daily email any more :-(

2: can i edit my appends now ?

3: My profile claims to only be 70% complete. I've change a few things and added entries in a couple of fields and it is now .... still 70% complete.

4: Cant find directory of people (except new joiners), cant see my map any more.

5: Like the simpler approach, avoids me posting in the CLLSA list instead of community list. :-)

6: Any chance of an iPad or iPhone app?



Thanks for creating some activity Rob. I suspect many of us are waiting for the more annoying bugs to be fixed. Thankfully the slow loading problem is hopefully behind us and the site stayed up this weekend. Progress!

In answer to your questions:

1: Soon! Hopefully in the next day or so...

2: HU are working on this - they recognise it is a major problem. No ETA yet.

3: I've got my profile to 100%. I initially entered free text in the "My condition(s), My symptoms and My treatments, but found that didn't work. You have to select from what gets matched when you type the first few words of a matching condition, symptom or treatment. If you find these don't cater to you, (you won't be alone here) use the Support Feedback option to let the HU team know: Also you might want to keep that information private until we know how public the non private setting is.

4: The membership section is quite different from the earlier site as you've observed. I see you have found how to get there via the Members item on the purple CLL Support Association menu. You can still search for particular members by typing in enough letters to get a drop down list which contains the person you are after, then you select the member you're searching for and then click on the search icon to go to that person's profile.

5: Nice to have your Like about the new site. I hope we see more after the recent pain we've been through!

6: Keep an eye on 'What's New' from the new menu item on the extreme right of the green HU menu. I haven't heard anything.

To their credit, HU are improving their communications so we should hear more of their progress later this week.



There used to be an option to search for members close to me, are there any plans to reinstate this?

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I was just thinking the same thing, Pitbull.


Good point

Just before the switch-over this was raised by other comunities' admins as at the last moment were were told that it was going and wouldn't be available after. HU confirmed it will be replaced with something better?

We have no information about what and when


Just done new Poll

This appeared to bring me into site in a very different way to previously, including requiring a full sign-in and navigation away from a 'latest news/entries/ page: not really a useful page as a lot of detail under topics I am not interested in (today/at my stage of CLL development)!. Took me a while to find page I was looking for! I also might have done Poll twice, as there was no obvious way of knowing if it had worked (first attempt was pre-sign in, but appeared to allow vote but no comment - no idea if that recorded!)

Is there a way of getting in as per old site? (ie without logging on every time (I have ticked 'keep me logged' in box yesterday) - from memory this showed list of posts/questions


Hi Quarry the erratic log in/ log out seem to be varied across all users at the moment. It has steadily improved for me and touch wood I am now staying logged in and access to the admin platform is also constant. I believe it is HU's intention to ensure this is stable for everyone. Eventually once in you should be able to stay in if you have chosen that preference..

Yes you are taken straight to the poll facility if you answer the call of the email notification as before. Comments can be added at any time to the comments/responses thread. I see yours made it OK :-)

Yes navigation is a little different and is being tweaked as we use it but with time I a sure we will become very familiar with the logic?

If you don't want to catch up on the news feed provided by home under your account you can quickly get back to your community by clicking on communities in the green bar.

Of course you will also be given a feed of recent activity on the home page of the community too. Ye this is different but does allow us all to see who is contributing or seeking help and which threads are active. We hope this encourages connection.

Please keep your observations comming, we will continue to forward and discuss these with HU. Thank you for your patience




Just to be clear - I posted comment on 2nd attempt (this after logging in) and I was indeed convinced this fully worked

1st attempt was via mobile and this time not sure if vote registered (no obvous sign either way) and could not see how to submit comment. Next (1st and a half) attempt was from computer, but not logged in and I think similar result to going via mobile

Thanks for feedback re this box....the dragging does avoid memory embarrassments!


Hi Quarry

I am sorry you are having difficulties. Thank you, you were successful. two hours ago. You were only able to vote once. Your comment was also registered 2 hours ago.This is the link to that post which can be found within responses under "polls" in the purple bar.!/#cllsu...

You are then again in the community and can navigate around it using the purple bar at the head of the page.

The green bar navigates you to your :


News feed under home,

Back to the CLL community under communities,

To the HU support facility under support

& A search facility. (always add CLL when searching)

Hope this is of help




I'd previously discovered like you Quarry, that you could see and even apparently vote without logging in - and was understandably concerned about security. Anyway I checked it out and while you can select one question (or several if the poll is set up that way), your anonymous vote isn't registered. (I also would have expected that you would be prompted to log in when you tried to vote.)

Thanks for your feedback - much appreciated. IT developers can't always predict all the different ways people access and use their sites, so I'm sure they will find your observations of interest.



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